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Chapter 1849: There’s nothing suspicious

“Let him solve it on his own.” Lei Xiao clasped his hand on Bi San’s shoulder and shook his head at him.

Bi San stepped back and stood there watching. The next moment, Feng Jiu caught the man’s fist and twisted it back.



As the bone snapped, Feng Jiu kicked the man’s back knee until he knelt down and screamed.

“The last thing I like is to be backstabbed.”

Her gentle voice was chilling. Everyone saw the young man reach out and grab the big man’s throat, twisted his neck, and watched the man’s face turn red to pallor. When he was finally thrown to the ground, they could not help but swallow and look at the young man with a trace of horror.

Was he a Foundation Building or a Golden Core cultivator?

He easily diffused the man’s Golden Core full strength. She used a force as light as feather to kill that person. Was it possible that his true strength was above Golden Core cultivation?

When this thought crossed their minds, everyone’s heart was stirred. Every one of them pushed this idea to the bottom of their minds.

If his cultivation was not merely Golden Core, why was he here? Why did he get caught? And Ghost Elder, did he actually not find out?

Was, perhaps, his strength greater than Ghost Elder?

“Why are you looking at me?”

The young man smiled with an honest and innocent look. If it were not for what they had seen with their own eyes, they could not believe that the young man’s fierce look was very terrifying.

“Ahem! Let’s go!” Lei Xiao coughed softly, steadied his mind, and left with everyone.

The First took a look at Feng Jiu, but he said nothing. The bearded man came up to Feng Jiu and looked at him from time to time, but he also didn’t ask.

As the crowd continued to move on, outside, several Celestial cultivators sat around Ghost Elder and discussed something.

“There was no sign of anyone suspicious, except those who were dead. We kept watching in the woods for two days without seeing anyone. We wondered if the person had ran away after being spotted by our men upon infiltrating the place.” One of the Celestial cultivators told Ghost Elder.

“If that’s the case, I’m just worried about whether there’s someone lurking among us.” Ghost Elder squinted and thought things over inwardly, considering each individual in his mind, but still did not sense anyone suspicious.

After all, it was not easy to escape under their watchful eyes or walk around under their inspection. What’s more, those captured were mostly casual cultivators who were not really capable. If they were really capable, it’s impossible for them to be caught.

“I don’t think there’s anything suspicious about the remaining people. How dare that man stay here when he killed so many of our Nascent Soul cultivators?” Another man also spoke, thinking that the man who had killed them should have left.

Ghost Elder pondered for a while. “Instruct everyone to strengthen their vigilance. If such a thing happens again, you’ll have to take the consequences!”

“Yes, we understand.” Several of them answered and then withdrew from the place.

He thought that the woman he had sent into the forest was dead, and now that there was no one to relieve his boredom, his face darkened again.

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