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Chapter 1850: Picking weapons

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“Someone!” He gave a shout.

“Ghost Elder.” A devilry cultivator came in and saluted respectfully.

“Go and get me a woman.” He said in a gloomy voice.

The devilry cultivator’s eyes flashed. “Ghost Elder, we caught several women from the Silk Tree sect. Those women are all first-class in appearance and figure. Why don’t I bring them over?”

“Silk Tree Sect?” Ghost Elder squinted and waved away. “What are you still doing? Go quickly!”

“Yes, yes.” The devilry cultivator replied and went out immediately.

Not long after, the devilry cultivator brought two enchantingly beautiful women over. Perhaps, he had told those two, so there was no trace of dissatisfaction on their faces. When they came inside, they saluted ceremoniously.

“Ghost Elder.”

The two women bent their knees in greeting. Their thin muslin clothes couldn’t cover up their spectacular sexy figures. Especially, when they lowered their heads, their charming and enchanting look made Ghost Elder’s eyes lit up with a satisfied smile.

“Come here.” He beckoned. His gaze roamed over nakedly at those two women.

The two women replied charmingly, then stepped forward and leaned into Ghost Elder’s arms.

That devilry cultivator retreated from the room, only to hear while walking out, the sound of ecstasy inside…

When Feng Jiu and the others came out, it was noon the next day.

When he saw the people who went in and found out that so many of them were still alive, Ghost Elder and his aides were secretly astonished. After all, those held on death row were all ferocious people. Not to mention their strength, they originally thought that there would be only a little more than a dozen people alive in the end. It’s truly unexpected…

Unexpectedly, only about four or five people lost their lives this time. And these standing in front of them, although each with varying degrees of injuries, it was undeniable that they survived through the hurdle.

“The Ninth.” Ghost Elder’s eyes swept over the crowd and landed at the young man.

“Present.” Feng Jiu stepped forward without hesitation.

Ghost Elder stared at the young man in front of him. He saw that he had indeed matured. At least, his eyebrows had lost the previous timidity and fear and his body showed a faint ferocity.

He was very satisfied with this.

“Tell me, why did you guys go in and only lose a few men? There are even Nascent Soul cultivators in it. How did you survive?”

“To answer Ghost Elder, Subordinate used to fend for himself. But, as soon as we went in, two people died and many were covered with injuries. At that time, Subordinate saw that we could not fight with the strength of one person. In order to survive, we join hands and keep alive by chance.”

Hearing the young man’s words, Ghost Elder narrowed his eyes. His gaze swept over the people, and then he waved away. “Bring out the weapons for them to choose and prepare to enter the next stage of training.”

“Yes.” The devilry cultivators at the back assented. Not long after, they brought many weapons.

“Let’s pick! One for each of you. You will use it in this period of training, and when you fully pass, you will become a Shadow Disciple and you will have more weapons for your self-defence.” The devilry cultivator said, staring at the crowd.

So, after a glimpse at each other, they stepped forward. Some picked up the long sword, some picked up the broadsword…

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