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Chapter 1837: Leaving the Array

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How high was the man’s cultivation to be able to knock him down in this dense fog and save him? Besides, wasn’t this the Shadow Night Palace’s territory? How could someone else sneak in here?

“I’m fine. I walked around and found you were all gone. I explored this place on my own, then came over when I heard the noise.” As Feng Jiu answered him, she sniffed the air and walked forward about two or three meters. “Quickly come over, there is a dead body here.”

Hearing this, they immediately came to the place where Feng Jiu stood. They found several dead bodies on the ground. Their corpses had not stiffened yet. They must have been killed by that Nascent Soul cultivator before.

“There’s something here.” Feng Jiu took out an item from someone’s bosom and spread it out. She couldn’t help smiling. “It’s a map.”

“Let me see.”

After taking a look, Lei Xiao was delighted. “Sure enough, it’s a map!” Through the fog, he consulted the map and soon called everyone’s attention. “This is our current location. We’re half the way through. We seem to be heading in the right direction.”

“It’s in the right direction. But, leaving this formation array is the most troublesome thing.”

“Don’t worry about that. Just follow me.” Feng Jiu smiled and told those few people, “Let’s go! You won’t get lost if you follow me.”

They looked at each other, then followed her without saying anything. Inwardly, they didn’t hold out much hope. After walking a certain distance, they unexpectedly ran into a dozen people that they had met earlier.

“Did you make a detour to go back here?” A man was a little surprised when he saw them. After all, this formation array was not easy to navigate. But when he saw the young man in blue, he glared. “It’s you again?”

The young man got lost, but unexpectedly he found his way again. This kid must have been very lucky!

“It’s me!” Feng Jiu smiled with her eyes narrowed. “Would you like to go with us?”

Since there was nothing they could do, in the end, the crowd also followed her. Even if they couldn’t walk away, at least they wouldn’t get separated. However, to their surprise, in less than an hour, they actually came out of the formation array.

“Out, we came out? Really?” A man looked back with wonder. When he looked at Feng Jiu, his gaze was somewhat complicated.

“I told you. I know a little something about arrays!”

Feng Jiu smiled with her eyes narrowed into crescents. Her appearance was simple and honest. When they heard this and then looked at her, those dozen people were so angry that they wanted to beat her up.

When they thought about it, the guy had already told them but they didn’t believe what he said and deliberately ignored him. How could they blame him at this time? In the end, they could only swallow their sullenness.

“Let’s go! There is a water source this way.” Lei Xiao pointed to the left.

When the others heard this, they asked, “How do you know?” Each one of them directed their gazes at him. When they saw him taking out a map, their pupils constricted.

“A map? You managed to get the map?” They remembered that the people who had called for help inside the array earlier seemed to shout that there was a map.

“Correct. I got this map inside the array. Let’s go! Don’t waste time.” Lei Xiao said, taking everyone to the water source. But, unexpectedly, more than thirty people in messy clothes came out and surrounded them.

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