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Chapter 1838: Discussing Cooperation

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Seeing this, Lei Xiao and his party stared at them warily while making a defensive stance at the same time.

“What do you want to do?” Lei Xiao asked them calmly.

At this time, a few men came out of the crowd. They glanced at Lei Xiao’s dozen people team and waved to the people around to pay attention to the surroundings.

One among them spoke in a deep voice. “Don’t worry. We don’t want to do any harm. Since you’re able to reach this place, it’s clear that you’re exceptional. There’s one thing – we’d like to cooperate with you.”

Lei Xiao and others glanced at each other. Feng Jiu, who stood in their midst, also took a glimpse at those men. Whatever flashed in her mind didn’t leave any trace in her eyes.

“What kind of cooperation? Don’t forget that we are only prey in the hands of those people. It is still unknown whether we can get out of this forest alive.” Bi San snorted and stared at them with a hostile look.

Even though these people weren’t bloodthirsty and savage at first, after several months inside trying to survive, they were all like ferocious beasts. It’s difficult to trust them.

“That’s why we should cooperate.” A man who had a fair complexion opposite them spoke out and looked at the crowd. “Are you willing to really give your life to the Shadow Night Palace’s people, without even the ability to control your own life and death?”

The crowd was silent. Of course, they weren’t willing. But, what could they do now?

Feng Jiu’s lips curved up slightly and her eyes flashed with interest. Interesting, what were their plans? Did they plan to revolt? They weren’t that stupid, were they?

They were unable to escape relying on their own strength. Besides, Ghost Elder was not easy to fool. It’s very difficult for them to escape. What’s more, their bodies were riddled with poison that couldn’t be solved by ordinary people.

“What do you mean by cooperation?” Lei Xiao asked in a composed manner. At the same time, he observed them and took a guess at their intention.

The man with the fair complexion looked at several people around him, and then answered him. “There’s news that you must not know. That is, those who get out alive will eventually stay to advance in their cultivation. It’s not a simple cultivation, but supported with medicinal pills, so as to improve strength and combat effectiveness rapidly.”

That man paused for a while before he continued. “In addition to some of the Shadow Disciples who will enter the four great sects, the others will be trained as elites. That is to say, as long as we get through and pass the test afterwards, in addition to getting stronger with the help of medicinal pills, we will have a chance to live.”

“We want to cooperate with you by helping each other and lower the death of our allies as much as possible. When our strength is improved, we can escape here with the help of all the people. As for the poison in the body, I once heard a friend say that there is a Ghost Doctor whose medical skills can bring the dying back to life and is proficient in poison. We can find him and ask him to detoxify us.”

Feng Jiu was surprised to hear this. She looked at this fair man with a glance. It’s surprising that this man knew of Ghost Doctor. Moreover, where did he get all the news?

“Where did you get all the news?” Bi San next to her asked what she wanted to inquire.

Hearing this, his eyes flashed slightly and his expression looked a little awkward.

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