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Chapter 1825: Importance

The four of them panted as they looked down at the dead devilry cultivator. They glanced at each other and a smile appeared across their faces. The wariness between each other had disappeared, as if they were companions who had fought alongside each other for many years. They had worked well with each other in this first battle and came up victorious.

“Lei Xiao, Golden Core middle-stage cultivator. I was originally a casual cultivator and was captured due to my carelessness.” One of the men said and introduced himself to the other three men in front of him.

“Bi San, mercenary casual cultivator, Golden Core early-stage cultivator.” A man in his twenties said.

“He Sheng, casual cultivator, also a middle-stage Golden Core cultivator.” Another man said.

“My name is Lin Xi. I was captured when I snuck out to play. Unlike the few of you, I am only a Foundation Formation middle-stage cultivator.” The person who had spoken was an immature young boy about fifteen or sixteen years of age. However, his temperament must be quite extraordinary, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to have lived so well having been in captivity for two to three months.

They glanced at each other and nodded: “In that case, we shall help each other out along the way! Hopefully, we can all survive!”

After they had taken the belongings on that devilry cultivator, they continued on their way forwards. They didn’t have the map, so the only thing they could do was to keep moving forward. Fortunately, they had worked together and killed the Nascent Soul early-stage devilry cultivator. Compared with other people, they had more trust with each other because of this.

Soon after they had left, Feng Jiu walked forwards step by step holding a branch that she had picked up from somewhere. She used the branch to push aside the weeds that were blocking her way and observed her surroundings at the same time.

When she arrived in front of the dead devilry cultivator, a touch of surprise crossed her eyes but she continued walking forwards without stopping.

After she had walked for some distance, she suddenly heard a blood-curdling scream. The scream reverberated through the forest, after careful analysing, she was able to tell which direction the scream had come from.

Sure enough, there was an ambush!

She sighed softly in her heart and continued walking as she felt the chilling killing intent behind her. She glanced back and saw a Nascent Soul stage devilry cultivator approaching her with a longsword in his hand. When she saw this, she smiled at the Nascent Soul devilry cultivator.

When the devilry cultivator saw the smile on the young boy’s lips, he was startled. He thought to himself: Is this boy dumb? Can’t he see that he is about to die? How can he still smile?

The tip of the sword continued to move forward, but what happened the next moment shocked him.

The young boy just stood there unmoving as the sword continued to move forward. His face only turned sideways a little to avoid the tip of the sword and he raised the branch in his hand at an incredible speed and shot it forwards.


The devilry cultivator groaned and his whole body froze. A trace of blood spilled out from his lips as he stared wide-eyed at the harmless young boy in front of him who had a faint smile on his face, but yet was able to kill him in one move.


The devilry cultivator’s body fell backwards. Feng Jiu removed the branch that was embedded in the devilry cultivator’s chest and watched as he twitched a few times before he died. She sighed softly: “You can’t blame me, it was you who came looking for death.”

After she had thrown the branch to the side and collected the devilry cultivator’s belongings, she continued walking forwards and her figure disappeared into the tall weeds…

After she had walked on for some distance, Feng Jiu was targeted by someone else again. The result of facing her only ended in death.

In less than half a day, more than a dozen devilry cultivators had died. This attracted the attention of the Ghost Elder…

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