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Chapter 1824: Join Forces

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Many people became more vigilant because they knew that things weren’t going to be that simple. Those people wouldn’t just be preventing them from moving forwards, they would definitely be secretly making moves against them as well. If that were the case, they had to be extra careful.


A sharp arrow pierced through the air into the group of people. Some people fell to the ground instantly and some avoided the attack. Some people fell to the ground as they hastily pushed and shoved each other out of the way. Some were grazed on their arms by the sharp arrow. But one person who hadn’t reacted quickly enough was shot through the heart.


That man groaned and his eyes widened as he fell to the ground. His body twitched slightly and his eyes were unresigned, but eventually he took his last breath under the horrified stares of everyone around him.

Everyone’s heart was beating violently at this moment, as if it were going to jump out of their chests. They knew it was not going to be that simple, they just didn’t know when the killing would start.

“Look, there’s something!”

A man shouted and stepped forward to pull the arrow out. There was a little pouch hanging on the arrow. When he opened the pouch, he found a map.

“It’s a map.” He looked at everyone else and took in their expressions. Finally, he said: “Does anyone have anything to say?” There were a dozen or so people around him, and another dozen or so around, the others had gone in different directions.

He knew very well that this was not an easy journey, and at the very least, one person was likely to face more danger alone than if he were to join forces with everyone. At least their chance of survival would be much higher that way.

Although they were guarded against each other, they weren’t stupid. They knew that they would face more danger if they travelled alone, therefore, whether it was intentional or unintentional, they had ended up walking together. Now that they had heard this, they looked at each other.

“Since we’ve got the map, let’s proceed together! If we meet any danger, we can help each other out.” One of the men said.

“I agree.” Another person said.


“Then it’s decided, but who will hold on to the map?”

When they heard this, they fell silent again and glanced at each other. Finally, their gaze landed on the person who was holding the map: “Let him keep hold of it! Since we are walking together it doesn’t matter who holds the map.”

However, as soon as he had spoken, five devilry cultivators suddenly rushed out with swords and attacked those people. Their opponents were fierce and swift, and they made it clear that they wanted to kill them. Moreover, their targets were not limited, whoever their swords pointed at face being killed.

Their intention was to disperse these people and eliminate some of them in the process. Only those who survived were worthy of becoming a Shadow disciple. Therefore, amongst these three hundred and seventy eight people, they estimated that only less than a dozen or so would survive in the end.

“Don’t leave, we will join forces against them!”

One of the men shouted. However, in the face of this sudden murderous intent, those people fled in all directions. Only a few people had summoned the spirit energy within their bodies and hit out at the devilry cultivators with their fists instead of fleeing for their lives, they wanted to survive using their fists!

The five devilry cultivators had also dispersed and chased after the various groups of people who had fled. They left behind one person, and in their eyes, that devilry cultivator was more than capable to deal with those people alone.

Because of his carelessness, his big knife was taken by those few people, and when it pierced through his chest, his eyes widened incredulously as he couldn’t believe that he was killed by these people!

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