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Chapter 1814: Outwit the scheme

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“A young man in azure, right? Yeah! He bought several catties of beef and left.” The shop owner said.

Elder Tan thanked him and went home quickly. Unexpectedly, the young man was not at home either, so he couldn’t help frowning.

Where could he be? Would he be over there at the Treasure Gathering Pavilion…

When he thought of this, he shook his head again. “He shouldn’t be. But, he’s just in his teens. Why did they still target him after two days? Moreover, there has been nothing unusual in the past two days.”

“But if not them, then who? If he really falls into the hands of the Treasure Gathering Pavilion, I’m afraid…”

He whispered, looked at the sky, and walked back and forth in the courtyard. He had no evidence. Even if the people in the Treasure Gathering Pavilion abducted him, it’s highly likely that they wouldn’t admit it. Barging in was also not a good idea. He had no other choice but to wait until dark to go visit the place at night.

Although the Treasure Gathering Pavilion was a bartering place, there were some heinous shady activities done in secret. Some clans and forces naturally knew some of those, but due to its influential power, no one dared to interfere. He had been here for so long, so he naturally knew a thing or two.

When he spoke out to let the young man enter the Treasure Gathering Pavilion, he didn’t think much. Unexpectedly, he was targeted by those people.

He had been living alone for so many years. These past two days, the young man was by his side, cooking stir-fried dishes for him to eat. These simple and trivial things that were not worth mentioning gave an old man like him a distinctive feeling.

After so many years of seclusion, now he had to do it again. He just hoped that the young man could hold on!

On the other side, Feng Jiu, who was trapped in a burlap sack, opened her eyes a long time ago. With the body that’s immune to all kinds of poisons, how could she be brought down by the trifling bone-weakening inhalant? She just wanted to beat them at their own game and see what the man who had been staring at her for two days was trying to do.

To be precise, what on earth did the old man in magnificent clothes want to do?

All was still and quiet, but she could sense the presence of many cultivators who restrained their aura. She closed her eyes in the sack until she was thrown to the ground and the sack was removed, but the smell in the air didn’t seem very good.

“Is this the kid? There is nothing outstanding and special about him. Why did Old Feng insist on catching him?”

“It’s the kid that Old Feng wanted to catch that day but had to let go. Since it couldn’t be done in plain sight, he had to use secret means. All we have to do is to bring the person back to Old Feng.”

The two men’s voices were getting farther and farther away. After a while, Feng Jiu opened her eyes. However, when she saw where she was, she was still surprised.

It’s a nice room, but it could also be called a cage. There is nothing in this room but an iron cage made of mystical iron. Perhaps it was because of the lack of sunlight all-year-round, there was a mouldy odour inside. The musty smell was not good.

At this time, on the top floor of the Treasure Gathering Pavilion, several old men were sitting in a circle. Three of the men looked at the old man in magnificent clothes and asked, “Old Feng, what’s special about that young man? You know, we are very cautious in selecting people. Don’t let any mishaps happen.”

“He is just a non-local young man. What mishap can happen?” Old Feng said. After sipping his tea, he spoke again. “I thought the young man was a seedling at first sight. Even if he’s not, he can still be trained into a good seedling.”

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