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Chapter 1813: Falling into a scheme

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“Uncle, would you like to buy two bottles of elixir for self-protection? This elixir is new, just freshly grounded today. All kinds of elixirs are also available.” Feng Jiu smiled with her eyes narrowed into crescents.

“Haha, no, I still have the elixir bought last time!” The middle-aged man waved his hand and went away.

Seeing this, Feng Jiu held her chin and looked at the market bustling with people. When she took another look at the old man next to her, she sighed inwardly. They had been sitting for most of the day, yet not a single person came to buy medicine. This business was really bleak!

Just then, her stomach growled and she caught the old man next to her looking back at her. “I’m hungry,” she said with a sheepish smile.

Elder Tan took out a piece of fruit from his sleeve and handed it to Feng Jiu. “Eat it!”

“No, no, Grandfather Tan, you eat…” Before she had finished speaking, the fruit was in her hand. She looked at the fruit in her hand, then at the Elder Tan who was already turning his head. She couldn’t help but smile and did not refuse it again.

“Grandfather Tan, what would you like to eat tonight? Why don’t we go to the street and buy several catties of beef marinated in soy sauce tonight and also a few catties of good wine?” Before he opened his mouth, Feng Jiu stood up. “I’m not busy anyway, I’ll go to buy it now! I’ll be back shortly.”

Feng Jiu spoke as she walked to the street, but Elder Tan didn’t say anything. He just sat quietly, waiting for the person who wanted to buy medicine to come to the door.

After leaving the stall, Feng Jiu restrained the glimmer in her eyes. When she looked up, there was only calm and simplicity in them. She crossed a few streets towards a street corner where she bought several catties of beef marinated in soy sauce. After that, when she was about to walk back, she saw Steward Wang whom she had met once, came out of the crowd.

“Haha, Little Brother, what a coincidence! You’re also here to buy beef marinated in soy sauce!”

When she saw the man coming towards her with a smile and greeted her as if she were his friend, Feng Jiu could only raise the corners of her lips and grin. “Ah, it’s Steward Wang!”

“Before I finished talking to you last time, you were taken away by Elder Tan. I’ve been thinking about it for the past two days!” Steward Wang said with a smile.

“Do you have something to tell me?” Feng Jiu blinked with innocence and kindness on her face. “Go ahead! I’m listening!”

“There are so many people here, I wonder if…” He smiled and pointed to an alley not far away.

“That’s fine!” She smiled and followed him to the alley, but when she got to the alley, there was a faint fragrance. As soon as she smelled it, Feng Jiu made her steps sway to deceive him.

“Why do I feel so dizzy?” She murmured and fell to the ground.

Steward Wang saw the young man fell to the ground. He chuckled softly and called out, “Little Brother? Little Brother?” After seeing no movement, his smile disappeared and he gave instruction, “Take him away.”

A man in black came out from nowhere speedily like a ghost. He took out a sack and stuffed Feng Jiu inside. He carried the sack and went back.

On the other side, Elder Tan sat and waited, but he still didn’t see Feng Jiu coming back. He couldn’t help frowning. Why did it take so long? What’s going on?

He was a little worried, so he packed up all his things. Then, he walked quickly to the shop on the street. When he came to the shop, he asked the shop owner, “Did a young man come to buy beef marinated in soy sauce before?”

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