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Chapter 1808: Gone

“Indeed! His medical skill is truly excellent. He’s so good that his master must be even better.” Elder Lu said with a sigh. With his disciple this powerful, how much more remarkable would be the master? He wondered, what kind of reclusive talent his master was?

“I’m so relieved that Father can be cured.” Lu Jiaming said. The worry that weighed down his heart had finally been alleviated. ” I have been worried that my father’s disease can not be cured, then if our Lu clan turn into a big chaos, we will be in trouble.”

Old Patriarch Lu shook his head. “All the Lu clan’s branches want to fight for power. I’m afraid that if there’s internal strife, other clans will have a chance to take advantage of it and cause trouble. But now that my health is getting better, it’s good news.”

He paused slightly, thought for a moment, and then spoke again. “However, you have to order your subordinates to not let my medical treatment known. Before the news of my recovery spread, I want to take this opportunity to clean the people in the mansion up.”

‘Yes. We know.” The other two men replied.

“It’s getting late. Little Brother Feng should be awake. Let’s go! Ask him to eat together.” Old Patriarch Lu tidied up his robe and walked out.

Seeing that he was in good spirits, the two men behind him took a glance at each other and followed him out the room.

“Little Brother Feng.” Old Patriarch Lu knocked on the door and called, but no one answered.

“Little Brother Feng? Little Brother Feng?” Old Lao also knocked on the door, but still, no one answered. He could not help saying, “Strange. Did he sleep heavily?”

“Masters, the Young Master staying in this room has already checked out.” A waiter who came upstairs saw them there and told them.

“He’s gone? When did he leave?” Several of them were stunned and asked the waiter at the same time.

“He left this morning at dawn.” That waiter answered. He spoke again after a pause. “Oh, right, that Young Master also left a message. If there’s a chance, you’ll meet again.”

There was an unspeakable feeling in their hearts. Why did he leave like this? Old Patriarch Lu sighed. “All along the way, I only called him Little Brother Feng. I didn’t even ask his name. He just left. I don’t know if I’ll see him again in the future.”

“Old Patriarch, don’t worry. You will see him again when there is a fate. Besides, I have written down all the things he has told me. I will nurse your body back to health.” Elder Lu said slowly. Fortunately, he left the prescription behind and also taught him the acupuncture method, so they don’t have to worry about Old Patriarch’s health.

“It’s just that we haven’t had time to thank him.” Old Patriarch Lu was still regretful. The young man cured his disease but didn’t receive medical fees. He didn’t even take any gifts. This…

“If there’s a chance in the future, it’s not too late to thank him.” Elder Lu said with a smile. “And, I think, we will definitely meet him again later.”

Feng Jiu, that they were talking about, was now in the centre of the city with the little white tiger in her arms. She found a dairy sheep with great difficulty and couldn’t help but reached out to squeeze its teats. With a squeeze, the milk spurt out. She grinned at the sight.

“Quick, suck it! Drink to your fill.”

She took the little baby tiger forward to let it drink sheep’s milk quickly. Even though this baby tiger looked powerful and strong, it was cooperative. With its eyes rolled around, it immediately opened its mouth to suck the milk. After a while, its stomach was bulging.

“Hey! What are you doing there, kid!”

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