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Chapter 1807: Excellent medical skills

The Lu Family’s members looked at Old Patriarch Lu. It would have been nothing if the young man had not been there to cure their master, but would they have the heart to do so now that their master was seeking his help? Even if they wanted to eat, shouldn’t it be their Lu Family’s turn to treat him?

Old Patriarch Lu smiled and waved away. “Now that Young Brother Feng has said so, you can order a table of food and drinks and enjoy a good meal.”

“Yes!” Only then did they answer with one voice and cupped their fists to thank Feng Jiu. “Many thanks, Young Master Feng!”

The Lu Family’s followers sat at a table downstairs, while Old Patriarch Lu and a few others went upstairs to the wing room. After ordering a dozen or more dishes, as soon as the water and wine were served, they delved straight into the main subject.

“Young Brother Feng, how is my disease treated?” Old Patriarch Lu asked.

After drinking a cup of wine, Feng Jiu answered. “I think Elder Lu has already told you about the diet. Then, I won’t talk about it any more. As for the treatment, it’s not complicated. After taking about a month worth of medicine post-acupuncture treatment, you should be alright.”

Elder Lu was secretly surprised to hear this. “After about a month, this disease will be cured?”

“You can get back to health in about a month and you can see the effect in half a month or so. ” Feng Jiu smiled. “Let’s eat first! Take a rest after a full meal, and then I’ll administer the acupuncture needles for you.”

They nodded and didn’t talk anymore, accompanying him to eat the meal. Despite the sumptuous and fine foods in front of them, apart from Feng Jiu, the other three didn’t eat much as they were brooding about this disease.

After the meal, they drank several more cups of tea and moved from the restaurant to an inn.

Inside the guest room.

“Please take off your upper outer garment and lie flat on the bed.” While saying this, Feng Jiu turned her head towards Elder Lu. “I’ll teach you this set of acupuncture steps. In the following days, you can help treat Uncle Lu with acupuncture. If this acupuncture is combined with medicine, the effect will be better.”

After hearing this, Elder Lu said excitedly, “Teach me, teach me? How is it possible?” In most cases, non-disciples wouldn’t receive this kind of teaching. But, he unexpectedly…

“Your medical skill is not bad. I’ll just tell you the essentials. Why is it not possible?” Feng Jiu smiled and asked Lu Jiming to go outside to keep watch, so she administered the needles and gave pointers to Elder Lu.

An hour later, Feng Jiu walked out of the room. Behind her, Elder Lu gazed at her with respect and admiration. The excitement on his old face was still unabated.

“Young Brother Feng, how’s my father?” Lu Jiming asked when he saw them coming out.

“He’s all right, just fell asleep.” Feng Jiu answered. “I’m going to go back and have a rest. Elder Lu has the prescription. You can take care of the rest on your own.” With that, she went past him and went to another guest room.

“You keep watching over Family Head in the guest room. I’ll go out and get some medicine.” Elder Lu stepped out, unable to hide his excitement. He intended to get the herbs and personally decoct the medicine.

After Feng Jiu arrived at the guest room, she asked the waiter to prepare the bathwater. After that, she called out the little milk tiger cub from her space and held it in her arms to sleep.

The next morning, Old Patriarch Lu woke up feeling refreshed. The crushing sensation in his chest that he felt all year round seemed to ease a lot. His spirit was much better than that of yesterday and he couldn’t help feeling happy.

“This Young Brother Feng has excellent medical skills. I can feel the difference in my body the moment I get up today.”

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