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Chapter 1793: A Roar

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“No, no, of course I’m not offended!” Feng Jiu waved her hand and replied. She then smiled slyly and said: “I took out that big man so easily, I hope Uncle Lu isn’t offended. After all, it was just an instinctive reaction.”

“Oh? What do you mean?” Old Patriarch Lu asked with interest.

“I live in the mountains, don’t I? Every time I am roasting meat, some small animals will try to steal my things around me when I am not paying attention. Therefore, it’s become a habit for me to whip things.” Saying that, she added some seasoning onto the roast pheasant and continued speaking: “Don’t worry Uncle Lu, the seasoning is just some spices, they are not harmful to the body.”

“Oh, I see.” He nodded. He wasn’t worried that the boy would drug the food. After all, it wouldn’t benefit him.

The two of them chatted, and after a while, Feng Jiu added the last spice and cut off a piece of drumstick from the roasted pheasant and handed it to him: “It’s ready, Uncle Lu, try it!”

“Alright.” He responded with a smile and took the drumstick from her. He was about to eat it when the grey-clothed old man took it from him.

“Hahaha, give it to me first. It smells delicious. My belly has been rumbling for a long time.” The grey-clothed old man said. He smelled the roast pheasant then tore off a piece of the drumstick and ate it. He then said to Old Patriarch Lu: “Master, Young Brother Feng is really good at barbecuing, it really is delicious.”

Feng Jiu’s eyes narrowed as she smiled with a simple and honest expression on her face. Naturally, she knew that the grey-clothed old man wanted to see if the roast pheasant was poisonous. It seemed that he didn’t completely trust her yet.

But that was normal. When you are away from home you have to be careful. What’s more, this Old Patriarch Lu’s status was most likely quite extraordinary. After all, in addition to his strong cultivation strength, his companions all had extraordinary cultivation strengths as well.

“Here, Uncle Lu, there is another drumstick.” Feng Jiu handed it to him.

“Thank you.” He took the drumstick and ate it.


Suddenly, a roar of a beast came from the forest along with some vibrations and a force visible to the naked eye that swayed like a water pattern through the air in the night.

“Be alert!” Several strong men surrounded Old Patriarch Lu, Feng Jiu and the others at once and formed a protective circle.

“Looking at the coercion, it should be a spirit beast with quite a high rank.” Old Patriarch Lu murmured thoughtfully as he looked into the night: “How come there are spirit beasts here? Could they have been chased out from the mountains.”

Feng Jiu picked up her medicine basket and walked over and stood next to Old Patriarch Lu. They had followed the stream and took the road that led out of the mountain. There may have been fierce beasts in this area, but spirit beasts would definitely not be in this area as they were generally hidden in the mountains.

However, the roar did contain the coercion of a spirit beast. It was precisely because of this that Uncle Lu had guessed that the spirit beast was chased out of the mountains by someone hunting it.

She also agreed with his deduction as she could smell the faint scent of blood in the air.

“Stop! You can’t escape!”

“Surround it! Don’t let it escape!”

“It’s just ahead, catch up to it!”

When the voices drifted out from within the forest, Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows. She was curious what kind of spirit beast would have a group of cultivators hunting it down.

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