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Chapter 1792: Taught a lesson

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He held the packet of roast pheasant and looked at the youth who was digging around in his medicine basket. He vaguely saw a glimpse of a pheasant when the net was lifted up.

“Here, Brother Lu, give this to them and tell them to prepare it and then they can roast it for Uncle to eat.” Feng Jiu handed the flopping pheasant to Lu Jiming beside her.

Lu Jiming glanced at Feng Jiu and took the pheasant. He handed it over to the men behind him and told them to deal with it.

A grey-clothed old man leaned forward. He glanced into the basket and asked: “Won’t your medicinal herbs be trampled on if you put the pheasant in there as well?”

He vaguely saw some messy herbs and a black net. Because it was dark in the night, he was unable to see what medicinal herbs were inside. As for the black net, he assumed that it was just an ordinary net.

“It’s alright, it’s only some ordinary medicinal herbs, they can still be used after I wash and dry them. Moreover, I plan to sell them in the city, even if it doesn’t look good, it should still be worth some money.” She said with a smile. After she had sorted out the contents of the basket, she put it behind her.

“Uncle, give it to me. I can still eat it after I have heated it up.” She pointed to the leftover roast pheasant.

“Here.” Old Patriarch Lu handed it to him. He watched him open up the packet and then put a twig through it before roasting it over the fire. He said: “Why don’t you discard this. Let them roast some fresh pheasant, it will taste better.”

Feng Jiu turned the twig of roast pheasant in her hand and said: “No, no, it’s fine, I can just eat this.”

Upon seeing this, Old Patriarch Lu didn’t say anything more. However, when the aroma of Feng Jiu’s roast pheasant wafted through the air, he couldn’t help but swallow his saliva: “Your roast pheasant smells delicious!”

“You must have some skills when you live in the mountains otherwise you won’t be able to eat good things.” Feng Jiu said with a smile. She looked at Old Patriarch Lu sitting next to her and said: “This is my leftover so I won’t give you any. When I have finished eating I will help you roast the other pheasant!”

“Hahaha, good.” Old Patriarch Lu nodded in response.

After Feng Jiu had finished eating, she took the prepared pheasant and roasted it. Just when she was about to add some seasoning to the pheasant, one of the strong men shouted: “What are you adding!” He wanted to grab the bottle of condiment from her hand.

Feng Jiu’s eyes narrowed and she used the twig she held in her other hand to hit the man’s outstretched hand. Accompanied by the sound of the twig hitting the man’s hand was the sound of the man’s gasp.


The strong man withdrew his hand instinctively and stared at Feng Jiu with ferocious eyes. He stretched his hand out and saw a red mark on the back of his hand. This made him even more angry: “You dare to hit me, kid!” His hand twisted into a fist and threw it towards Feng Jiu.


Old Patriarch Lu shouted in a deep voice. There was an air of authority in the pressure that accompanied his voice. The man’s heart trembled and his eardrums hurt. He involuntarily retracted his hand and lowered his head as he took a step back.

Old Patriarch Lu’s gaze swept a glance at him as he lectured: “Where are your manners! Retreat!”

“Yes.” The strong man glared at Feng Jiu angrily then lowered his head and retreated.

“Young Brother Feng, don’t be offended, they are just concerned for my well being.” He said with a smile. He looked deeply at the boy next to him. He was a little surprised when he saw the youth hit his bodyguard with such ease.

After all, the speed was incredibly fast.

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