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Chapter 1787: Travelling in disguise

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He originally did not want to hide it from them. Now that the evil sects also had harmful intentions towards the Phoenix Star, he also hoped that the sect could help Feng Jiu at the right opportunity. So, Murong Yixuan paused for a while, then told them. “Feng Jiu is the Phoenix Star.”

“Do you have any proof?” The Sect Master asked what everyone wanted to know.

Murong Yixuan smiled. “Old Man Tianji’s disciple has a close relationship with her. I know that it’s definitely her. But if you want some proof, I don’t have any.”

He could not tell them what he knew, so he was sure that they might not believe it completely. But after telling them, he believed that they would investigate.

“Since you know she is the Phoenix Star, how can you let her leave? Don’t you know that some evil forces have begun to stir? By letting her go out alone, what if she falls into the hands of those people? Won’t it be dangerous?” The Sect Master frowned. “I don’t think she has gone far yet.” He added. “Send some people to fetch her at once.”

“Yes, after we bring her back, we can still investigate whether it is her or not.” A True Monarch next to him also opened his mouth and echoed his remark.

“Let’s go! I’m going with you.” Another True Monarch also opened his mouth to speak to Murong Yixuan.

However, Murong Yixuan shook his head. “It’s useless. You don’t know Feng Jiu, she is a person of great ideas. She will only do what she wants to do. Nobody can force her to do things. When she wants to leave, we can’t retain her.”.

“It’s not like we’re going to harm her by keeping her here.” Another Peak Master also started speaking.

Murong Yixuan smiled and said gently, “That’s why I said it’s useless. If she wants to stay, she will stay. If she doesn’t want to stay, even if we have good intentions, she won’t stay. Moreover, even if we catch up with her now, we will never find her.”

They knew so little about Feng Jiu’s ability. They didn’t understand Feng Jiu’s character either. That’s why they said such things.

If she were the kind of person willing to be protected and had no opinion, she wouldn’t be Feng Jiu.

Hearing this, the crowd was silent for a moment, not knowing what to say. Finally, the Sect Master sighed and said, “Then, let her go! Since the news of the Phoenix Star as the Sovereign of the World came out, all the major forces on the continent have been on the alert. Some want to kill her, while others want to draw her into evil factions. Although we are careful to guard against it, it seems that the situation cannot be as we wish. In that case, let her go!”

“Please don’t worry, Sect Master! She’s not an ordinary person and she doesn’t follow ordinary paths. Don’t worry about her.” Murong Yixuan said in a gentle voice.

The Sect Master nodded and waved to let everyone leave first. He went in with the old man at his side to see True Monarch Yuan Qing, and then returned to the main peak.

Meanwhile, at the place where Feng Jiu was. As Murong Yixuan said, after she left the boundary of the Opulent Celestial Sect, she took advantage of the night to enter the space to change into a piece of blue clothes and changed her appearance slightly. Although she was still dressed as a man, her former appearance could no longer be seen. At this time, even if Murong Yixuan stood in front of her, he might not recognize that the person was Feng Jiu.

She carried a medicine basket on her back. With plain blue robes and having delicate features, she restrained her cultivation. She looked like an ordinary medicinal herb gathering boy.

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