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Chapter 1786: The first to know

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When they heard the voice, they turned around and saw him coming behind them. They couldn’t help but wonder, “Where did you go?”

Murong Yixuan saluted the crowd and then said, “I sent Feng Jiu off. Do you want to go in and see my master? He woke up earlier and fell asleep because he was still very weak. Why don’t you come back tomorrow? He should feel better tomorrow.”

Hearing this, the Sect Master asked, “Has your master really come to? Has the poison in his body been solved? Everything is alright? ”

“He woke up and the poison has been solved. His body is still very weak. He has to recuperate for a period of time to recover.” His gaze scanned the crowd and didn’t find the previous physician here. “I have asked the sect’s physician to come and examine him. Sect Master doesn’t have to worry.”

“Then why did you let Ghost Doctor go? Since True Monarch Yuan Qing hasn’t recovered, we should keep him until he recovers. Since Feng Jiu’s gone, if anything happens, where can we find him?” The Sect Master frowned slightly, worried that something bad might happen.

Murong Yixuan smiled. “Nothing will happen. The physician also said that the poison has been solved and the internal injury is also taken care of. What is missing now is the time to recuperate. In addition, I can’t force Feng Jiu to stay if he wants to leave.”

“Why don’t you two come with me and have a look? The others go back first. Don’t disturb True Monarch Yuan Qing’s rest.” The Sect Master said and gave the signal to Murong Yixuan and the old man beside him to go in together.

“Wait, wait, wait. This old man also wants to go in and have a look.”

Suddenly a voice was heard. Everyone was stupefied. Looking back, they saw a figure wobbling in with a somewhat intoxicated look. His walk seemed to be unsteady.

“Crazy old man? What are you doing here? ” A Peak Master thought it was him who spoke earlier and asked.

The wobbly old man in grey took a glance at him and his eyes were narrowed with a smile. “I’m here to see the Phoenix Star, of course! Otherwise, do you think this old man here to see you, old man? ”

The Peak Master turned gloomy at this quip. “You crazy old man, have you drunk a lot? You keep on talking about crazy stuff. Sect Master, look at him. He doesn’t have the Peak Master’s dignity!”

“Hehehe, don’t just talk! You lost ten jars of spirit wine, remember to send it to me when you find the time.” The old man smiled and came to Murong Yixuan with a slight step. “Where’s the Phoenix Star? Let me see what she looks like. ”

The Sect Master was stunned to hear this. He was startled the moment the old man said that he had come to see the Phoenix Star. The Phoenix Star? When did the Phoenix Star come to the Opulent Celestial Sect? Didn’t people say that the Phoenix Star was at the Heavenly Sun Sect? When he was still thinking about it, he heard Murong Yixuan speaking.

“Feng Jiu has left already. I just saw her off.”

“What do you mean? Why don’t I understand?” The Sect Master frowned and asked, his gaze fell on Murong Yixuan.

“You fool! You’re all here and you let her go? It seems that you didn’t tell them that the person who saved your master was the Phoenix Star.” The crazy old man stared and burped from the wine. He wanted to see what the Phoenix Star looked like, but unexpectedly he said that the person had left. It was rare for him to be accurate once. Who would have thought that he even missed seeing the person?

Thinking of this, he shook his head and turned away with a lack of interest. “Since the person is not here, forget it. I’d better go back and continue to drink wine.”

Seeing him walking away, the Sect Master and all the Peak Masters looked at each other and simultaneously laid their eyes on Murong Yixuan. “Don’t you need to tell us about this in detail?”

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