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Chapter 1722: Truly nonsensical

“Perhaps it’s your luck that you haven’t drunk the palace’s water yet.” A voice came, startling everyone to turn their heads abruptly.

When the Scarlet Water Crown Prince heard the voice, his heart was jolted with shock. When he saw the figure in red walk out from the dark, he couldn’t help but cry out. “Feng Jiu! You have the gall to sneak inside our Scarlet Water Palace!”

After venting his consternation, the Scarlet Water Crown Prince stared at the figure in red with an intense possessive desire.

“Your arrival is timely. This Crown Prince was just thinking of you!” He sneered gloomily. He looked over at Guan Xilin at her side and the ten people behind her.

“Tch! You dare to enter my Scarlet Water Palace with such a small number of people. Feng Jiu, you are really too arrogant. Today, I won’t let each one of you escape! Start attacking! Except for the one in red, the others will be killed on the spot!”

However, after this command, there was no sound of commotion. Only Feng Jiu’s light chuckle was heard as she came slowly in front of him. He glanced back angrily and shouted, “What are you waiting for? Didn’t you hear my…”

He stopped in the middle of his sentence because he saw the secret guards who were practising with him drop on the floor one by one with a pale face and a cold sweat on their foreheads. None of them could make an attack.

At this moment, he recalled their earlier complaints and what Feng Jiu just said. Remembering her medical skills, he couldn’t help but feel shocked and glared at her. “You drugged them!”

“Tsk, tsk. Did you just realize it now?” Feng Jiu shook her head and stopped after walking in a slow gait. “Big Brother, I’m giving this man as your sparring partner.”

“Alright!” Guan Xilin answered with a deep voice and strode forward. His whole body swept out savagely like a tiger. A wave of his fist carried a fierce and sharp wind blade that struck the Scarlet Water Crown Prince hard.

The mighty pressure attack stunned the Scarlet Water Crown Prince and made him vigilant instantly. He raised the spirit energy breath in his body, intending to catch the fist. Unexpectedly, as soon as his spirit energy breath collided with the opponent’s mystical energy breath, the two streams of air rebounded and his spirit energy breath was swallowed up. The mystical energy breath pressed on towards him and struck him flying.



The punch fell heavily on his chest with a bang and the mystical energy spread through his body. At that moment, it was as if his insides were covered with the energy until a snapping sound was heard.

“Hiss! Ah!”

He let out a mournful scream. This one punch hurt his internal organs so that he could no longer stand up. With just one punch, his Dantian was destroyed. He screamed on the ground like a crippled man, unable to resist.

Guan Xilin flung his arms with a snort. “Scarlet Water Crown Prince is just so-so.”

Feng Jiu curled her lips and chuckled. “Yes, just so-so.”

Being ridiculed face to face in this way, Scarlet Water Crown Prince was indignant. But, he was also overwhelmed with shock. He was no match for them. Moreover, he was crippled with just one punch. Judging from what he saw, they wouldn’t let him go.

When he fell to the ground and couldn’t stand up, he retreated to the back gritting his teeth while crushing the jade card his father gave him for an emergency. As long as the jade card was broken, his father would know. These people would definitely die when the time came!

However, several of the secret guards who accompanied him training earlier were staring as if they had seen a ghost. They were staring at Feng Jiu who stood at the back and at a man dragged by two people…

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