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Chapter 1721: Killed by a strike of the sword

Seeing the concubine beneath him die with her eyes wide open and her corpse motionless, the Scarlet Water ruler was terrified. “You, who the hell are you?” He turned his head. When the person’s figure leapt into his vision, the first thing that flashed in his eyes was a surprise.

He saw a man in a dazzling red suit with a faint immortal aura all over his body. The person, who was difficult to distinguish whether a male or female, had a devilish charm. The Scarlet Water ruler could vaguely see the man in red raised his eyebrows gently and curved his lips in a faintly discernible smile while looking at him.

“Do you recognize me?” Feng Jiu asked, exerting more strength to the long sword pressed on the ruler’s neck. Some blood dripped onto the sharp blade.

The stinging pain made the Scarlet Water ruler return to his senses. Looking at the person before him, a flash of inspiration struck him. “You, you are Feng Jiu!” He heard that Feng Jiu had a peerless look, was fond of red clothes, and held the Qingfeng Sword in her hand. In front of him was a stunningly beautiful person wearing a red robe and the sword pressing on his neck was the Qingfeng Sword. Who would this person be if not Feng Jiu?

“Not bad. Now that you’ve recognized me, you can go to hell.” Feng Jiu smiled. A chilling glint flashed in her eyes. With a swing of the sword, she stabbed the ruler’s Dantian.


At the last moment, the Scarlet Water ruler wanted to gamble. Unexpectedly, he couldn’t mobilize the spirit energy breath in his body. He originally wanted to dodge but was unable to and took the forceful blow of the sword.

He sensed the Qingfeng sword pierced his Dantian and destroyed his life force, making it impossible for his Nascent Soul to escape. With his body turned stiff, the ruler stared at Feng Jiu with hatred and unwillingness. He was loath to die this way. With a gulp of breath, the whole person fell straight down.

Feng Jiu pulled out her long sword and looked at the dead Scarlet Water ruler with a sneer. “You can rest assured that your son and daughter will come to keep you company soon.”

She turned around to walk outside while issuing a command. “Take his corpse and hang it on the palace’s gate!”

“Yes.” Two of the Feng Guards came out from hiding and dragged the corpse out of the room.

Seeing her coming out, Guan Xilin who had been guarding outside, told her, “The two hidden Celestial cultivators were also disposed of. Now we can go to where the Scarlet Water Crown Prince is.”

“Mm, let’s go!” Feng Jiu replied and led them to the next target.

The Crown Prince was currently practising martial arts in the practice field. Since he was humiliated in the Xuanyuan Empire that year, he came back to cultivate strenuously and to promote his cultivation strength.

Seeing that the Xuanyuan Empire was about to be destroyed, he was very excited. After annihilating the Xuanyuan Empire, he would stomp Xuanyuan Mo Ze under his feet! As for Feng Jiu, who was said to be Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s woman, he also wanted to find her! He would imprison her and make her his slave!

“Bang bang bang!”

He made a round of kicks and the eight secret guards who were practising with him fell down one by one with smothered groans and unable to stand up.

“Losers! The eight of you are useless!” The Crown Prince flourished his sleeves impatiently. His sharp eyes swept to the eight people on the ground. “Stand up and continue!”

Those eight dark guards stood up from the ground. Sensing the loss of spirit energy breath in their bodies, they were frightened. “Your Highness Crown Prince, there’s something strange with Subordinate’s body.”

“Yes, so am I. It seems that I can’t use my spirit energy.” Another person also said.

“Right. It’s the same with me.” The other person nodded.


The Crown Prince sneered. “Heh…Is that so? Why don’t I feel it?”

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