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Chapter 1716: There’s no need to worry

While watching the Feng Guards in hand-to-hand combat below, she told Guan Xilin, “Big Brother, I’m going to take them out for real combat. I want to conduct secret attacks against those countries that besieged the Xuanyuan Empire and take drastic measures to deal with them.”

“No problem!” Guan Xilin answered in a loud voice, “Count me in. I’ll go with you, too!”

She turned to look at him and smiled. “Alright.”

About two hours later, after receiving Feng Jiu’s order, each Feng Guards stopped what they did, gasping for breath. After the combat, their bodies were covered with bruises. They all continued to rise again even after being knocked down by their opponents. So, it wasn’t strange that their bodies sustained injuries after the fights.

“Take your teams back to rest! I have a mission for you in two days!” Feng Jiu spoke from the ridge opposite them.

“Yes!” The crowd answered. They quickly left under each team leader’s lead.

Two days later, she kept ten Feng Guard members, Little Black and Green Feather to accompany her parents in the valley. The rest of the Feng Guards were divided into small teams. After that, they set out in three teams led by Du Fan, Guan Xilin and Feng Jiu.

Instead of going together, they went out separately with the same destination: one of the four empires that were besieging the Xuanyuan Empire.

Meanwhile, on the other side.

In Xuanyuan Empire’s palace, Xuanyuan Mo Ze received Hell’s Palace’s missive concerning Feng Jiu. He was worried when he learned that she had passed the frontier and had left for the Eight Supreme Empires.

The information didn’t mention Feng Jiu’s current strength. But, ordinarily, as a Nascent Soul Peak level, she should have advanced to the Celestial stage. He thought that even with Feng Jiu’s remarkable cultivation talent as well as supplemented by medicinal pills, the top upgrade in her strength would be the Celestial Peak rank.

Although the Celestial Peak Strong Exponent wasn’t weak, if those people put their attention towards Feng Jiu again, she would bound to be under their siege.

When Gray Wolf saw him frown and ponder after reading the news without any reaction for a long time, he took several furtive steps and had a look.

After reading the letter, he grinned. “Master, is Ghost Doctor coming? Since she reappears, she must be even more powerful. If she comes, she can give you a hand. You should be happy. So, why this frown?”

“We can’t say how much more powerful a Celestial cultivator’s strength is. Those people had no news about her these past few months. If they find out that she reappears, they definitely won’t let her go away.”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze spoke in a calm voice, tapping his fingers on the table and making a knocking sound. Because there were Upper Reaches forces involved, he still couldn’t settle this matter even after spending half a year time.

In the past, those countries did not dare to compel them repeatedly. However, now that they were backed by those upper forces, they were naturally unafraid of the Xuanyuan Empire. On the contrary, they would be greatly benefited if they could annex and then divide up the country.

In the past six months, the power of Hell’s Palace had been repressed and his father became weakened like this. Buffeted by so great internal and external turmoils, coupled with the interference of the upper forces, stabilizing the Xuanyuan Empire in a short time was truly impossible.

Hearing this, Gray Wolf assured him. “I don’t think Ghost Doctor is an imprudent person. Since she comes out, she must have made all the preparations. Please don’t worry too much. After meeting Ghost Doctor, Master will know her plan.”

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