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Chapter 1706: Spirit Fruit Has Ripened

“How do we ask? Even if we ask, we won’t know the answer. Master has laid down enchantments and boundary barriers in her courtyard. If she doesn’t come out, no one can go inside.” Luo Yu said as he found a place to sit down.

He paused and grinned: “Besides, I trust in Master. She will be fine. I believe that when she comes out of seclusion, she will give us all a surprise.”

Upon hearing this, everyone looked at each other and couldn’t help but smiled. Yes! So many things have happened up till now, how could something happen while she was advancing inside?

Just as they had thought, Feng Jiu didn’t encounter any danger during her advancement. On the contrary, the process of her advancement was very smooth.

On this day, in Space, after half a year, three heavenly thunders fell from the sky once again. Once again, it had tempered through her body’s veins. However, it was different from the last time. This time, her contracted beasts also benefited from her advancement.

She had advanced from Celestial Peak stage to Immortal Sacred middle-stage and became an Immortal Sacred middle-stage strong exponent.

Fire Phoenix’s strength went higher, and as for Cloud Devouring, it had surpassed its Peak Level Beast Saint stage and entered the Divine Saint Beast stage to become King of beasts. Even Little Black had entered the Divine Saint Beast stage from Spirit Beast stage. As for Old White, it had remained the same. It seemed that her advancement hadn’t affected it, and over the past six months, it was only his rank that remained unchanged.

Even so, with the exception of Old White, her advancement had increased the strength of her contract beasts and their combat power now was astounding.

In mid-air, as the spirit energy breath dissipated, Feng Jiu opened her eyes slowly. She looked at the world around her and it felt as if every inch of the land had become one with her. She could clearly feel its existence as well as a strange indescribable feeling.

“Master, how come they have advanced but I haven’t?” When it saw Feng Jiu floating down from mid-air, Old White stepped forward and asked dejectedly.

It was understandable that Fire Phoenix and Cloud Devouring would advance, but why did Little Black advance and yet nothing had changed for it? Was it because it was a variation beast? That’s why it was slow to advance?

When she heard this, Feng Jiu looked at Old White. She patted its head and smiled: “Don’t worry, just work hard.” She turned to look at Fire Phoenix, Cloud Devouring and Little Black and said with a smile: “We’ve been in here for so long, it’s time for us to go out and get some exercise and have some fun!”

“Sure!” The little beasts responded. Suddenly, Cloud Devouring seemed to have thought of something and said: “Master, the fruit on the bottle tree looks ripe.”

Before Feng Jiu had a chance to respond after she heard this, she saw Old White’s dejected face had raised up suddenly and he said drooling: “Ripe? Really? Let me go and have a look!”

As soon as he had spoken, she saw a whirlwind gust of wind around her and in the next instant, Old White had disappeared from sight.

Feng Jiu was stunned. After she had regained her composure, she hurriedly ran to catch up to him: “Old White’s greedy addiction is at it again! Is he intending to steal my spirit fruit and eat it? Quickly, catch up to him. That tree has only bore five fruits, we can’t let him steal it and eat them all!”

Upon hearing this, Fire Phoenix and Cloud Devouring swept towards the place where the bottle tree was situated and followed closely behind Feng Jiu. As for Little Black, after he had tilted his head to the side, then he ran with them slowly.

“The fruit… the spirit fruit… it’s really ripe!”

Under the bottle tree, Old White was shaking its horse’s hips excitedly and flicking its tail. It was drooling as it looked up at the few ripe red fruits the size of a fist hanging from the tree…

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