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Chapter 1705: Beyond Celestial Realm

“I know why! It’s the blue lotus!”

Fire Phoenix whispered. It knew that Feng Jiu had a Primal Chaos blue lotus, and that this blue lotus had a mysterious ability to regenerate. The reason she could advance even further after she had reached the Celestial Peak Realm must be because of the blue lotus!

The rank of Immortal Cultivators was as follows: The Nascent Soul realm, the Celestial realm and the Immortal Sacred realm. So if that was the case, it meant that if she were to advance further after she reached the peak of the Celestial realm, she would reach the Immortal Sacred realm.

Immortal Sacred!

Even if the entire Eight Supreme Empires was searched, there wouldn’t be five of them. If she could really reach the Immortal Sacred realm, then she would truly be the strongest out of all strong exponents!

When it thought of this, Fire Phoenix couldn’t help but get excited and stared at Feng Jiu who was continuing to advance. It hoped that she could keep advancing so that even if they were against the upper reaches, she could still stand firm against them.

However, the advancement this time was not so easy. A few days had passed and there was still no sign of a breakthrough. The little beasts kept guard not far away. Another half a month had passed and there was also no sign of a breakthrough.

At seeing this, they guessed that the breakthrough this time would probably not happen as quickly as previous times. Therefore, they each retired and minded their own business and stopped paying attention to their Master’s progress.

On the outside, Guan Xilin and Feng Xiao had been training the Feng Guards all this time, they were helping them to improve their strength. Though they hadn’t seen Feng Jiu in half a month, they didn’t go to bother her, as Feng Jiu had instructed that if she didn’t come out, no one could go and disturb her.

Besides, the courtyard that she was living in was protected by enchantments and boundary barriers, so they wouldn’t be able to enter even if they had wanted to.

Perhaps it was because of the passing of their relatives and companions, now they all had a common goal. So no matter how tough the training was, the Feng Guards and the others had never once complained.

They were cultivating their strength day and night, and as the days passed, with the aid of the pills, their strength were improving rapidly.

A month had passed, then three months, then six months. In a blink of an eye, the Feng Guards combative effectiveness and strength ranks had improved by at least one to two realms.

However, after half a year of hard training, they had still yet to see their Master emerge. This made them a little worried.

“Master has been in seclusion for half a year right? It’s been such a long time and she still hasn’t come out, could something have happened?”

“What are you talking about? How could something have happened to Master while she is in seclusion?”

“But, it’s been too long, and we haven’t heard any indication of advancement coming from inside either! Besides, there are many cultivators who during the course of advancement have lost their…. Ah! Why are you hitting me?”

That Feng Guard touched his head and turned back. When he saw that it was their Captain, he gasped silently and didn’t dare to say anything more.

“Why are you here talking nonsense? Are you too idle? If you have nothing to do then continue practicing!” Luo Yu stared at the few guards who were chatting and shouted.

“Captain, we didn’t mean anything by it, we were just a little worried.” The Feng Guard said.

“What are you worried about? What is there to be worried about? You should be worried about Master coming out of seclusion and testing your combative effectiveness instead!” Luo Yu snorted and said: “She had already said this before she went into seclusion, the top ten would be rewarded, but the bottom ten would also be punished!”

Upon hearing this, the Feng Guards responded hurriedly and left quickly to continue training.

“They are only speaking the truth, it’s been half a year since Master has gone into seclusion.” Fan Lin and the others walked over from behind and said: “Should we consult the Patriarch about this matter?”

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