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Chapter 1698: Entering the Black Market at night

“What do you mean receiving your guests?” Elder He snorted. “All the guests here are Black Market guests. I happened to be free and saw this young man’s extraordinary skills. So, I had a chat with him and had a cup of tea. What’s the matter? Do I have to ask for your permission?”

“Hahaha, I dare not. You are the Black Market elder and I’m a lowly steward. I won’t dare to interrupt.” He spoke in an ambiguous manner then looked at Feng Jiu, who was standing in a laid-back manner with her hands clasped behind her back. “Young Master, I heard that you have won ten games in a row. I came here especially to congratulate you. I don’t know if you have received your winnings?”

“It’s settled already.” Feng Jiu answered. Looking at Steward Sun, she urged him. “All the things I need should be arranged as soon as possible. I hope I won’t make the trip in vain tomorrow.”

“No, no, those will be prepared for you tonight.” He personally sent Feng Jiu out. Seeing that Elder He didn’t come with him, he started asking. “Young Master, we’ve made such a big business, but I don’t even know your surname. It seems…”

Feng Jiu, who had already walked outside the Black Market, stopped, glanced at him with a smile, and said meaningfully, “Why is Steward Sun in such a hurry? When we meet again, you will know who I am.”

Steward Sun was stunned for a moment. When he wanted to ask again, the young man in white had already stepped into the crowd. He winked at the guard behind him and motioned to the two men to follow and monitored the boy closely.

Feng Jiu, who left the black market, didn’t return home. Instead, she wandered around the city for a while. She found a restaurant and ordered a table of food and wine. She acted in a leisurely manner, like a noble young master who went out to play. It was as if she had no idea that someone was watching her in secret.

She wandered around the city that day. Sometimes eating meat and drinking wine in a restaurant, sometimes sipping tea in a teahouse, sometimes eating snacks in a street stall. She spent the whole day strolling around.

When night fell, she stayed in an inn, had a comfortable soak in the bath and took a short rest on the bed. In the dead of night, she opened her eyes and jumped up. She took the dazzling red robe out of the space and put it on, pushed the window open and jumped out.

Just as she leapt out of the window, the two people assigned to watch her were on guard at the back. The man behind felt a burst of cold wind. It seems his neck had been pierced with a needle and the man fell down.

When the man in front heard the movement, he glanced back and saw the man lying in a corner. He immediately stepped forward, but before he could make any movement, he too fell down.

“How dare you follow me with such skill?” She snorted coldly. Her red dress fluttering, she went to the black market treading on the cool breeze.

Since she came in during the day, she was already very familiar with the route inside. After sneaking in, she went straight to the Black Market’s Medicine Storage Pavilion. One day’s time was sufficient for Steward Sun to transfer the medicinal ingredients.

When she spotted the person guarding the Medicine Storage Pavilion, her eyes flashed and she felt the flow of the wind. She directly grabbed a handful of powder and stretched out her hand to let it float in the air with the night wind.

In the rear courtyard of the Black Market, Elder He was talking to another elder about seeing Ghost Doctor Feng Jiu today.

After listening to his account, the other elder pondered slightly. “This Ghost Doctor’s temperament has always been eccentric and fickle. But, she is not the one who will suffer losses. The one surnamed Sun took away her black token. I reckon…”

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