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Chapter 1699: An extreme fear

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“What do you think?” Elder He asked with a smile. He was also very curious!

That old man took a look at Elder He. “Either he’s dead or he has a layer of his skin peeled off.”

As soon as he uttered these words, they looked at each other and laughed. If Ghost Doctor was provoked, they didn’t need to act. Those people would have to accept the consequences.

Meanwhile, after putting those guards down, Feng Jiu entered the Medicine Storage Pavilion and put all the medicine she wanted into her space. She didn’t take much of others. After all, she only wanted to teach the Black Market’s person in charge a lesson, not to be an enemy to the Black Market’s master.

After leaving the Medicine Storage Pavilion, she dashed out to the rear area to catch a guard. “Where is your main courtyard?”

The guard was startled. His body was lifted up by the neck. He had to stand on tiptoe to relieve the difficulty of breathing. His face was full of horror and shock.

What kind of place was the Black Market? How could anyone dare to break in at night? Who the hell was this man? Was he not afraid of Black Market’s retaliation?

“Speak!” Feng Jiu said gloomily. The hand clasping his throat tightened a little.

The man’s face flushed and his heart beat faster. For a moment, he felt the harbinger of death. Guided by instinct, he could only point to the front. “It’s ahead. Take a right, you’ll find the courtyard.”

As soon as he answered, he was hit hard at the back of the neck and his whole body collapsed.

Feng Jiu dragged him to the corner then swept forward. It was unknown whether the Black Market’s people were overconfident or assumed that no one dared to explore the Black Market at night. Apart from the guards in front, she didn’t see a guard outside.

Yet, who could stay inside this courtyard if not a Golden Core peak level and above? Even that Steward Sun was a Golden Core peak cultivator, let alone the two elders.

She restrained her aura and flashed into the room from an open window. Instead of going to the bed, she sat down by a chair not far from the bed, tapping her fingers on the armrest carelessly.

“Tap, tap, tap, tap…”

In the quiet night, a few taps were heard loud and clear. Almost at the time of the sounds, Steward Sun woke up abruptly from the bed. When he turned over and jumped up, he opened the bed curtain and asked, “Who are you?”

However, when he saw the young man sitting on the chair dressed in red, he was surprised. “Ghost, Ghost Doctor!”

“Haha, I thought you would say I am a ghost!” She chuckled, looking at the pale-faced man.

However, when Steward Sun heard her voice, he was even more shocked. He pointed to Feng Jiu. “You, you are the young man in white today! What are you doing here?”

“You just realized it now?” She raised her eyebrows and curved her lips into a devilish smile. “Didn’t I tell you? You’ll know who I am when you see me again.”

Steward Sun retreated in horror. He opened his mouth and wanted to shout. However, before his voice came out, he felt a strong pressure coming at him, making his blood rush wildly. A mouthful of blood gushed from his throat.


His body shook and he fell back to the bed. He looked with horror and fear at the boy in red sitting still. It’s horrible! It’s horrible! Was this Ghost Doctor’s real strength? He wanted to call for help, but his extreme fear made him unable to let out any sound.

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