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Chapter 1696: Unexpected

She stepped forward, went towards the battle arena, registered and paid the fee to bet on her victory. She then entered the arena and started fighting with other challengers on stage.

On the other hand, Steward Sun was still giving instructions after telling his subordinate to prepare the medicinal materials when a guard came and whispered to him. “Steward, that Young Master in white came personally to the arena. He has won ten games in a row. Besides winning a huge sum of money, no one else dares to challenge him.”

“Ten wins in a row? Isn’t he a Golden Core cultivator? How come no one is his opponent?” Steward Sun frowned slightly. Seeing that the young man in white was indeed a Golden Core peak level cultivator albeit still an adolescent, he thought that this young man should be the son of a large influential family.

He’s young and talented. But, still a Golden Core peak level cultivator in the battle arena. How could no one be his opponent?

“The Young Master in white has weird martial arts moves. He didn’t lay heavy hands on his opponents, but every one of them was knocked out after three moves.”

Hearing this, Steward Sun turned to walk toward the arena. He planned to take a look personally. However, before going to the arena, the young man in white came out of the arena and followed an old man to the back.

Steward Sun paused his steps and stared at the old man with a frown. “Isn’t that Old He? Why did he come to the front?”

“I don’t know. We didn’t inform him.” The guard next to him said.

There were two forces inside the Black Market. One faction is the Black Market Chief’s, while the other was the two elders who protected the Black Market. Naturally, the steward obeyed the orders of the Black Market Chief, and so did they. However, some of them obeyed the orders of the two elders.

Both sides had their own forces behind them and they disliked the counterpart’s actions, so a secret fight was inevitable. They wanted to expel the two elders and the two elders also wanted to take the Black Market Chief down.

At this meeting, Feng Jiu was puzzled to see one of the two elders appear in front of her.

And in the back, the old man took Feng Jiu to a living room, ordered his people to guard outside, and then made a gesture to Feng Jiu. “Young Master Feng, please take a seat.”

Hearing this, Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows and glanced at that elder. “How do you know my identity?” She stepped forward and sat down in the upper right seat.

With a smile, the old man sat down in the main seat on the left, poured a cup of tea for her, and answered. “The man surnamed sun has no eyes, so naturally it’s impossible for him to know Young Master Feng. Although I haven’t met you before, as an elder of the Black Market, I have made some inquiries about Young Master Feng who holds the first-class black token. I was not very sure earlier until I saw Young Master Feng fighting with others in the arena.”

“Oh? You can recognize me just by seeing my style of fighting?”

The old man smiled. “You might not know that a few years ago I saw Young Master Feng fight. I remember your strange moves.”

“Old He has good eyesight.” How could she be recognized, Feng Jiu thought, when her original appearance was no longer recognisable?

“I don’t deserve your praise.” He laughed and picked up the tea. “Young Master Feng, please.”

“Please.” She took the teacup with both hands and took a sip.

“I’ve heard about what happened to the Phoenix Empire, but I didn’t expect to see you here. What a surprise!” He said with emotion, not expecting to see Ghost Doctor here a few years later.

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