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Chapter 1695: To employ a stratagem

“Young Master looks unfamiliar. It is your first time here?” The person in charge inquired.

Feng Jiu glanced at him. “And you are?”

“Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. My surname is Sun. I’m the Black Market’s person in charge. Young Master can call me Steward Sun.” He said with a smile and inspected the young man in white in a surreptitious manner.

“So, you’re Steward Sun.” Feng Jiu glanced at him with a smile. “I’m a foreigner here. I heard that there are things in the Black Market that are not available outside and can even raise a large number of spirit herbs in one day. Thus, I want to talk about a business with Steward Sun.”

Hearing this, Steward Sun’s eyes flashed. “Oh? Are you an alchemist?”

Feng Jiu’s lips curved up. “What’s wrong? When has the Black Market been so picky about customers when doing business?”

“Haha, how’s that possible? Young Master, this way.” Steward Sun smiled and asked her to come in.

With Steward Sun leading in front, Feng Jiu came inside and took a seat. After sitting down, she directly took out a list. “These are the spirit herbs I want. Steward Sun, please see if you can get them for me by tomorrow.” After a pause, she said with a smile. “As long as all the spirit herbs are collected, of course, there will be no fewer benefits for Steward Sun.”

Hearing this, Steward Sun took the list with a smile. He was slightly surprised. “You need this much? These are not common herbs, Young Master. These things will require a hefty sum of money!”

His implied meaning was, could you get so much money?

“Steward Sun, don’t worry. I can afford it.” As she spoke, she flipped her hand and took out a crystal. “This is the top-quality crystal. Consider it as a little reward. I’ll give you a generous one after it’s done.”

Looking at the dazzling crystal, Steward Sun’s heart throbbed. He decided that this man must be from some large influential families! Otherwise, it was impossible to have such a top-quality crystal. The price of this type of crystal was astronomical. He even said to give it to him as a gift. It showed that his family was wealthy.

“Yes, don’t worry, Young Master. I’ll have all the spirit herbs ready tonight and Young Master can pick them up tomorrow. But…” He said with a smile. “After you go back, you have to prepare some money. After all, there are so many spirit herbs. If you can’t pay for the goods on the spot, we can’t hand them to you.”

“I know that. Steward Sun, don’t worry!” She flicked her robe and stood up. “Please help me settle this matter as soon as possible. Tomorrow morning, I will come with the money.”

“Yes, yes. Leave this matter to me.” Thinking of doing a big business, Steward Sun was so excited that he smiled from ear to ear. He was about to see off the young man in white in person, but unexpectedly, when he came to the front of the battle arena, the young man in white stopped.

“Young Master, are you also interested in this duel challenge?” Steward Sun asked with a smile. He also stopped, looking at the two men who were fighting on the stage.

“It seems fun.” She rubbed her fist and told the steward, “Steward Sun, you don’t have to follow me. I want to play a few games in the arena. Please return to your business!”

“That’s alright. I’ll have someone to receive you.” Steward Sun beckoned another person to come. After a few words, he said goodbye to Feng Jiu and went to do something else.

Feng Jiu looked at the bloodstain on the stage and stepped forward unhurriedly. She saw one of the challengers was dragged out after being beaten to his last breath…

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