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Chapter 1694: Not knowing the opponent

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“About that black token, our steward said that he’s taking it back. If you’re wise, leave quickly. Otherwise, don’t blame us for not being easy on you!” The Black Market guard didn’t know who the little beggar was. He just did what he was told.

Those holding their Black Market’s black token were generally a great personage with fame and prestige. It’s normal for the steward to take the black token back because he didn’t know where this little beggar got it from.

Feng Jiu’s lips curved slightly. Her face revealed a faint smile. “Your steward took it? What nerve!” She was like a tiger descending to the plains and being bullied by a dog!

It seemed that some people in the Black Market knew the news of the Phoenix Empire and had ideas. As for the Black Market on the Eight Supreme Empires, she believed that after cooperating for such a long time, the head of the Black Market there wouldn’t make such a villainous action at this time. It should have been the people at the bottom who deceived and wanted to detain her black token.

However, was her black token so easy to be taken away? Since he wanted it, just give it to him. She wanted to see whether having her black token would do good or bad for that person in charge.

So, she glanced at the Black Market gate, revealed a smile, then turned away and disappeared into the street. However, after walking for a distance, her eyes flashed with a chilling glint.

It seems that the person in charge of the Black Market had some ability. How dare he follow her? Good, good. Hmph! She wanted to see what they intended to do.

She turned into a deserted alley. After a while, several men in black chased after her and looked for her trace. She smiled and came out of the corner.

“Are you looking for me?” She leaned against the wall corner and looked at the men in black with her hands folded across her chest.

The men in black were surprised to see that the little beggar walked out suddenly. Just now they clearly felt that there was no breath here. Where did the little beggar come out from? Or did he keep concealing his aura?

Who was the little beggar who could conceal his aura so well? Why did the people at the top want to take his life?

“Kill him!”

One of them roared, drew the sword at the waist and lifted his vital energy to come forward. Several people behind him also made an instant move and swept forward with a whoosh. At this moment, however, those people’s facial expressions suddenly changed. Their bodies froze in place and their eyes only saw darkness. Their bodies turned feeble and toppled over.


Feng Jiu took a piece of fruit from nowhere and ate it, crunching on the fruit noisily. She snorted coldly at the people on the ground, took a step forward and kicked at their bodies. With her toes curled, she took the cosmos sacks from their bodies, turned around and walked out of the alley.

When she reappeared in front of the gate of the Black Market, Feng Jiu had changed her clothes and her face was altered. Her original appearance couldn’t be detected. Even though not handsome, set off by her white robe, she looked refined and elegant like a noble young master.

Carrying a fan in one hand, she opened the fan with a whizzing sound. One hand was behind her back, while the other hand fanned herself gently, Feng Jiu walked leisurely to the Black Market. The staff also greeted her quickly and led her into the Black Market.

“Patriarch Wang, I haven’t seen you for a long time. Please come inside.” A middle-aged man stepped out, giving him a salute. While greeting the guests who had entered the Black Market, he looked around. When he saw the young man in white with a fan in his hand, he took a good look at him and stepped forward.

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