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Chapter 1686: Destroy it with her own hands

“Alright, then! I’ll go back and make arrangements first.” Ren Xiang cupped his fists and turned to leave.

After he left, Feng Jiu sat down for a while then went to the main hall. In the main hall, she only saw Guan Xilin. Her father and the others were not there. She asked, “Big Brother, where’s my father?”

“Foster Father went back to the room. He seemed unwell, so I asked him to go back and have a rest. There were so many things going on. I’m really concerned that he can’t bear the shock.” Guan Xilin sighed. Looking at her, he asked, “Why did Ren Xiang look for you?”

“He told me that something bad happened to Mo Ze’s family. His father’s cultivation was abolished and he is just like an ordinary person now. His health is even worse than an ordinary person. In addition, other countries in the Eight Supreme Empires put pressures on them. Their troubles are no less than ours.”

Speaking of this, Feng Jiu exhaled softly and leaned on the chair. With drooping eyes, she said, “Recently, there are too many things that happened and caught me unprepared. I have no idea whether the hidden enemy is already gone or is still going to attack us. So, I thought of a way. I wanted to discuss it with my father, but with this situation, I’m afraid he doesn’t have the strength.”

“What way?” Guan Xilin asked.

Feng Jiu opened her eyes, sat up straight and looked at him. “I’m thinking of abolishing the empire and have the Feng clan disappear from this place!”

Guan Xilin was shocked. “You mean, to overthrow with your own hands the Phoenix Empire that you established with so much hardship? Abolishing this empire so that there’s no sovereign ruler, with only the major families and forces existing? Is this your idea?”

“Correct.” She nodded. “It’s very easy to establish an empire, but difficult to keep it. Especially, since we provoked an enemy that we can’t deal with. If we keep guarding this empire, in the end, the people will be gone and the empire will also remain a mere skeleton. There’s no meaning for it to exist.”

“I want to take this opportunity to overthrow the empire, let my father and mother live in seclusion and cultivate until they become strong. At that time, even if we want to build a new empire, it will be easily done.”

She paused, her eyes faint. “I have a premonition that if we defend the current Phoenix Empire and not let it go, things will be more out of control. Grandparents have already passed away. I can’t imagine that if Father and Mother have an accident, then…”

She wanted to protect her close relatives and the people that she held dear. But, if they all met some mishaps before she reached the peak of her strength, what’s the use of her standing at the peak of the world possessing an unparalleled strength?

Guan Xilin pondered her words. After a long time, he said, “You can discuss this with Foster Father and Foster Mother. It’s a pity, but no matter what kind of decision you make, I will surely agree. I’m sure they’ll understand as long as you talk to them in detail.”

“What’s more, now the Feng Guards have suffered so many losses and their military power is weak. Even if the people behind the scenes no longer move, I’m afraid other countries will seize the chance to act. In that case, it’s better for us to arrange our retreat as soon as possible.”

The two discussed the matter. After talking about the general idea, they went together to the rear palace with the intention to talk to Feng Xiao about this matter.

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