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Chapter 1666: They’re back

“Not only was your daughter killed and possessed by her, but also your father. They met this catastrophe and were implicated by her. She is a scourge. The old monster posing as your daughter has caused the death of your daughter and father. Haha, you Feng clan will perish without our involvement.”

Then the man in black stopped and stood in front of Feng Xiao. He looked at Feng Xiao who was sitting on the ground, shaking like a leaf. With a sneer, he crouched down and said in Feng Xiao’s ear, “You took the old monster who has ruined your family as your daughter and took your enemy as a loved one. You are useless as a son and as a father…”


With the collision of vital energy and blood, Feng Xiao spurted out another mouthful of blood. He sensed everything turned black and fell unconscious. Until the moment before he fainted, his mind still reverberated with that sentence. You’re useless as a son, useless as a father…

On the other side, after those Celestial cultivators attacking Feng Jiu and Guan Xilin heard the signal, the leader shouted his order to withdraw. They quickly left the way they came in earlier, leaving no traces, let alone their whereabouts.


Guan Xilin spat out a mouthful of blood. He couldn’t stand and had to half kneel. His wound was shocking. But when he opened his mouth, his first sentence was, “Little Jiu, how are you?”

Due to a blade slash on her calf, Feng Jiu walked with a limp. She came forward to help him up and took out an elixir for him to take. “I’m fine. It’s all minor injuries.”

“Those people are gone. Why didn’t they kill us?” Guan Xilin asked. Obviously, they have a chance to kill them. After all, it’s too easy for so many Celestial Strong Exponents to kill them.

Feng Jiu shook her head, “I don’t know. These people didn’t intend to kill us from the beginning.” She couldn’t figure out why they didn’t kill her when they had such a good chance?

“Let’s go back first! We have to deal with all our injuries. Fortunately, they didn’t kill us. Otherwise, our life would really be finished today. ” Guan Xilin supported her with the back of his hand and asked, “Little Jiu, how about your calf injury? Your muscles and bones are not hurt, right?”

“Mm hmm. Those are not hurt.” Feng Jiu answered. She tossed the Flying Feather and leapt on it, taking Guan Xilin with her. The two sat on it and flew towards the inn.

At the inn, Fire Phoenix was waiting for them anxiously. If it wasn’t for its mistress’ order, it would have gone out to find her. The contracted beast had its spirit connected with the master. It sensed that its mistress was not in a very good state now.

“Why haven’t they come back after they’ve been out so long?” Shangguan Wanrong worried, walking back and forth in the room. She came to the window to have a look. “Or, should we go out to look for them?”

“Let’s wait! Maybe they’re already on the way back. ”

Du Fan spoke out and looked at Shangguan Wanrong. “Mistress and the Family Head are most worried about Madam. Don’t worry, Madam. Please wait and see! If they are still not returning soon, we’ll go to search for them. ”

“I’ll wait outside.” Leng Hua went out to wait for them outside the inn. If they came back, he could see them from a distance.

“Please be careful.”

Leng Shuang cautioned him and stayed by Shangguan Wanrong’s side. However, before Leng Hua went out, he heard Du Fan’s voice. “They’re back!”

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