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Chapter 1667: Finding Feng Xiao

The people who heard Du Fan’s voice looked out of the window and saw Feng Jiu and Guan Xilin sitting on the flying feather. However, after the pleasant surprise of hearing that the two were coming back, their happiness vanished at the sight of Feng Jiu and Guan Xilin’s blood and wounds. They all gasped and their hearts were filled with worry.

Du Fan, Leng Hua and Leng Shuang quickly lifted their vital energy and grabbed them, took them back to the room and sat them on the chair. “Mistress, how could you get hurt so badly?”

They went after one person. Was there an ambush?

Feng Jiu didn’t answer. After looking at the crowd, she found that her father wasn’t there. Her heart sank and she asked, “Where’s my father?”

“Later, a man in black attacked. Family Head chased after him, but he hasn’t come back yet.” Du Fan replied. As soon as he gave this reply, he felt that something was wrong. Even Mistress and Guan Xilin were hurt like this. Would Feng Xiao also encounter ambush when he went out?

He told her immediately, “I’ll look for him right away!”

“Fire Phoenix, go with him.” Feng Jiu told Fire Phoenix to go for a search together. She was worried that her father might encounter an ambush. If it was so, the consequences were unimaginable.

“Your wounds…” Fire Phoenix hesitated. In its opinion, no one’s safety was as important as hers. Now that she was injured like this, could it leave to look for her father?

“I’m fine. It’s just superficial wounds.” She answered slowly. Her movement pulled the wounds and the pain made her face pale and her forehead dripped with cold sweat.

“Fire Phoenix, go quickly! I’ll take care of her. It’ll be all right.” Shangguan Wanrong was also worried about Feng Xiao encountering an ambush. If she knew it earlier, she would keep him here and not let him chase.

“Fire Phoenix, hurry up! The safety of my foster father is critical.” “Guan Xilin urged.

“Alright, I’ll look for him. You all must be careful.” Fire Phoenix said and then left together with Du Fan.

“Little Jiu, we’ll dress your wound.” Shangguan Wanrong and Leng Shuang helped her up to the inner room and assigned Leng Hua to help Guan Xilin put some medicine and treat the wounds.

After their injuries were treated, the two changed their clothes. However, after such a long time, the others still hadn’t returned. Feng Jiu and Shangguan Wanrong became more and more uneasy.

“Leng Shuang, Leng Hua, please go out to help search!” Feng Jiu beckoned them.

“Yes.” The siblings replied and went out.

There were three people left in the room. Shangguan Wanrong looked at the two injured people and asked, “Who did this? Do you know? ”

Feng Jiu shook her head. “I don’t know. I only know that the people sent here are all Celestial Strong Exponents. Their strength can’t be underestimated. I’m afraid they are not ordinary forces. What’s strange is that they didn’t kill us even though they had the chance.”

Shangguan Wanrong was puzzled. “Why is this? Do they have other motives? ”

“I have no idea.” Feng Jiu replied and looked outside the room. “I just hope that Father didn’t have an accident!”

The three of them waited in the room until the day was getting brighter, only to see several of the subordinates bring the unconscious Feng Xiao back. Feng Jiu bore the pain in her calf and came forward. “What’s the matter? Why is my father unconscious? Is it a serious injury?” While she was talking, she reached out to take her father’s pulse. This time, she exhaled lightly with relief.

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