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Chapter 1653: How To Survive

She was afraid that in the face of death, some people might betray them. She was worried that if they seeked help from the people they were familiar with in the city, they would hand them over when they saw the catastrophe the Feng Family faced. Therefore, she told him that they had to find Feng Jiu and Feng Xiao and that they were the only two people they could trust.

She had to put her guard up because this was her child, hers and Sanyuan’s child and she was not willing to take any risks.

“Aren’t you coming with us?” Zhao Yang asked her and looked at her with a puzzled face. Why was she not leaving with them? Wouldn’t it be better if she was with them?

Su Xi shook her head: “I can’t leave. There’s only Sanyuan, Ye’er and I who belong to the Feng Family in the Palace. Since those people are after us, they will stop at nothing to find us and kill us. If I left with you, even if they kill Sanyuan they won’t stop there, they will definitely turn the whole Palace over. At that point, I’m afraid Ye’er may not survive.”

She caressed her son’s pale face affectionately, the little guy had experienced such a drastic change tonight. Those corpses and all that blood should have scared him, but he held it back. Her heart ached for him.

“Those people are too strong. Only if I go out can I divert their attention and give you both a chance of survival.”

She fought back the attachment in her heart and handed her child to Zhao Yang: “Yangyang, although you are only seven or eight years old, but you are older than Ye’er. You have lived together and grew up together, you are as close as brothers. I have no other choice now and I have no one else I can entrust Ye’er too, so I entrust him to you. Please protect him. You just have to survive through this and once those people have left, and Feng Jiu and the others return, everything will be fine.”

Zhao Yang nodded his head with only a slight understanding of what he had just heard: “Alright, I will take Master and leave and I must find Country Master and Princess. He bent down and put the unconscious little Feng Ye on his back.

He looked at her and wanted to say something, but in the end, he walked towards the secret passage with Little Feng Ye on his back without saying a word…

After she watched them leave, Su Xi retracted her gaze and re-bandaged the wound on her arm. She walked out and destroyed the entrance to the underground room so that the people outside would not be able to enter.

She took advantage of the darkness and skimmed quietly along from one side of the passageway to the other. She tried to put as much distance between herself and the secret passageway, until she got to a rockery and saw Feng Sanyuan who was being chased by several powerful immortal cultivators. He was covered in cuts and bruises and her heart twitched. She couldn’t help but exclaimed when she saw one of the immortal cultivators charge towards him with a sword aimed at his back.


She yelled and flew towards the other side. After some distance, she saw that the sword had been blocked somehow. At a closer look, she realised it was Yangyang’s relatives, the ghost cultivators were protecting him.

“Go, quickly!” Zhao Yang’s grandfather said in a low voice as he blocked the sword of the Celestial Strong Exponent, and he instructed his son and daughter-in-law to leave with Feng Sanyuan.

Feng Sanyuan gritted his teeth as the only thing he could do was cover his wound and escape. However, he heard that voice shout out husband, his heart shook and he looked towards the direction of the voice. His voice trembled as he asked: “Su Xi? Where, where are you?”

Hadn’t she left? Wasn’t she supposed to have protected the children and left with them? Why was she still here? If she was here, then where were the children? The children, oh no.

“Be careful!”

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