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Chapter 1654: Intention To Kill

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Feng Sanyuan exclaimed. His heart leaped as he saw the cultivator behind Su Xi charging towards her with the intention to kill. Without a moment’s hesitation, he flew over towards her.

When she sensed the murderous intent behind her, Su Xi turned back and saw the Celestial Strong Exponent coming at her with the longsword and a powerful coercion enveloped her. She wanted to escape, but the powerful pressure of her opponent was too strong and she was frozen in place, unable to move. She could only watch as the longsword came towards her.


Her whole body was slammed down and she rolled onto the ground. She hit some loose gravel when she fell, but before she had a chance to recover from her surprise, she was taken aside swiftly and a familiar voice came into her ear.

“Leave quickly!”

Feng Sanyuan pushed her away and urged her to leave quickly: “Leave quickly!”

“Leave? Haha, none of you will be able to escape.” The two Celestial Strong Exponents edged in closer, one in front and one behind, and they stared at the two of them with bloodthirsty eyes. As for Zhao Yang’s Grandfather who had blocked the sword for Feng Sanyuan earlier, he had already been slashed by the sword and met his end.

Now, there was only Zhao Yang’s Father and Mother left beside Feng Sanyuan and Su Xi. As for the Feng Guards and Secret Guards who had been protecting them, none of them had survived…

“We can’t escape. The boundary barrier has trapped us inside. Even if there was no boundary barrier, we won’t be able to escape in the hands of these people.” Su Xi hadn’t walked away. Instead, she stood by Feng Sanyuan’s side and said: “Even if I die, I will die with you!”

The two Celestial Strong Exponents looked at them with relish. There were many more in mid-air not far away. However, they didn’t come over because they knew that these people were too weak. They were so weak that they could destroy them with a snap of their fingers. It was a waste of their talent for them to come over and destroy such a small Royal Family.

However, there were some surprises for them. All the people in here had risked their lives, and given their lives even, all to protect their Master. Their loyalty was impressive.

Husbands and wives were like birds from the same forest, they would flee by themselves when catastrophe was approaching. Especially in the world of cultivating, there were very few couples who would live and die together. Therefore, as they looked at this couple, they were very surprised.

At the other side, Geng Old Patriarch had found Luo Yu and eight other Feng Guards and followed them into the secret passageway. Since they were unable to enter the Palace through the Palace Gates and they weren’t’ able to fly in the sky either, it was fortunate that they were able to use the secret passageway to sneak into the Palace.

“Where does this secret passageway lead to? Can it really reach the Palace?” Geng Old Family Patriarch asked the Feng Guards in front of him.

“Yes, we have used it once in the past.” Luo Yu replied. His voice was low: “I just don’t know if the Supreme Emperor and the rest are still alive.” When he thought that they might have been killed, his heart trembled.

If the Supreme Emperor and his family were dead, how would they be able to face their Master? What luck they had, those people were so strong, and from the moment they appeared, they shook up the entire Imperial City. Who would be able to resist such a strong strength here?

“Whether they are dead or alive, we have to save their child!” Geng Old Patriarch said firmly: “No matter what, we must protect the children!”

As his parents, even if they themselves were in a desperate situation, they would definitely have arranged for the safety of their son. But under the eyes of those people, could their son really be safe?

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