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Chapter 1647: Different Ideas

“Although Ye’er is still young but he can’t be spoiled like this.”

At some point, Su Xi had appeared and was walking over from a short distance away. She felt that it wasn’t good that Feng Sanyuan doted on their son so much that he played with him everyday and gave him food all the time.

“Mother!” As soon as Little Ye’er saw her, he slid off his father’s thighs and rushed towards his mother and leapt straight at her.

Su Xi bent down and caught him. She said with a calm face: “Ye’er, have you forgotten what Mother said to you?”

“I haven’t forgotten, Ye’er remembers! The mental cultivation method Mother wants Ye’er to memorise, Ye’er has memorised it all!” Su Xi’s expression softened at the little guy’s clingy voice and small and pleasing appearance.

He was such a small person and pulled on one’s heartstrings so much, she found it unbearable to punish him cruelly.

“Don’t be too strict with the child, he is fine like this.” Feng Sanyuan said. When she came towards him, he took her hand and bade her to sit next to him: “The child is still so young, he has plenty of time to practice. What’s more, Ye’er is so intelligent and learns quickly, don’t worry.”

“You can’t spoil him like this.” Su Xi shook her head and said to her son in her arms: “Go! Go and learn boxing with Yangyang.”

“Mother, Ye’er doesn’t want to go. Ye’er wants to play with Mother and Father.” The little guy lay in her arms and refused to leave.

“Be a good boy, Mother will make your favourite dumplings tonight.” She said softly and beckoned Zhao Yang to come over: “Yangyang, take Ye’er to the martial arts training field and make sure he learns one form of boxing, you can’t let him be lazy.”

“Yes.” Zhao Yang responded and said to Feng Ye: “Master, let’s go!”

“Then Little Yangyang has to carry me on his back.” He was in a bad mood and didn’t want to go to the martial arts training field.

“Sure.” Zhao Yang squatted down and beckoned for him to climb on his back.

When he saw this, Little Feng Ye beamed with a happy smile on his face and threw himself onto his back. He wrapped his arms around his neck: “Riding a horse! Riding a horse! Little Yangyang, run faster!”

When she saw the two children had gone some distance away, Su Xi looked at Feng Sanyuan next to her: “Although the child is young, but they learn fast when they’re young, it’s best to learn things at this age. You can’t spoil him just because you love him, that’s not love, that’s harming him.”

“What if one day we are no longer by his side, and he can’t even compare to an ordinary child, how would you be able to be at ease? Even if he grows up in a Royal Family and grows up by our side, he must learn to be independent and learn to take care of himself.”

“He is still so young, we should wait till he is at least five years old before he starts learning. He’s too young now.” Feng Sanyuan said. He didn’t feel that it was good for children to learn so much from such a young age. Instead, he felt that they should be allowed to play happily.

When it came to teaching children, the two of them had very different ideas. From time to time they would argue about this. Fortunately, their arguments weren’t serious. It added more spark to their relationship to argue once in a while.

Su Xi said in disapproval: “He’s not young anymore. Three years old is the best age to learn things. He was able to memorise the mental cultivation method that I asked him to memorise too.”

Upon hearing this, Feng Sanyuan said:” Alright, alright, let’s stop talking about this for now. Let’s talk about Little Jiu and the rest! Last time I received news from them and they are coming home soon. By now Feng Xiao should have also met up with Little Jiu and the rest, I just wonder if they met up on the road or somewhere else?”

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