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Chapter 1646: Real Father

On this side, they were preparing to leave. Far away in the Phoenix Empire, Old Patriarch Feng was playing with his young son in the courtyard!

“Little Ye’er, go and get the ball back.”

After Feng Sanyuan threw the ball out of his hand, he asked his son to pick it up. It was like he was playing with a dog. The Feng Guards who were guarding in the secret couldn’t help but find it funny.

This is his real father, because only a real father would play with his son like he would with a dog. Especially Litte Ye’er, who didn’t realise his father was making fun of him. He grinned and drooled as he crawled to pick the ball up and ran back to his father with it.

“Father, ball.”

The little guy smiled, his eyes squinted like a pair of peach blossom eyes. His innocent white and tender face was so cute and delicate. The three year old child still had a little bit of baby fat on him. He was always so happy that everyone who saw him would smile.

“Little Ye’er is such a good boy.” Feng Sanyuan laughed. He picked him up and put him on his lap then pinched his cheeks. At the same time, he took a piece of pastry and put it into his mouth: “Here is a piece of fragrant osmanthus cake for you.”

However, the little guy didn’t eat the osmanthus cake but slid down his father’s legs instead and ran over to a little boy of about seven or eight years old who was standing at the side.

“Little Sunny, eat.” The little guy reached up on his tiptoes as he tried to put the piece of osmanthus cake in Zhao Yang’s mouth: “Little Yangyang, osmanthus cake, eat.”

When he saw this, Feng Sanyuan nodded in relief. The little guy knew how to share, it was a good thing.

Zhao Yang stood there and looked at Little Feng Ye who didn’t even come up to his waist, his young face had a calmness that was different from his peers: “Your subordinate cannot eat this, Master you eat it!”

He was almost eight years old and he was very sensible. Back then, he had been brought here by Feng Jiu and they had tutors who taught him to read and practice martial arts. He had been studying very hard ever since then. The Phoenix Empire’s Princess, Feng Jiu was someone he always admired deep in his heart. She saved him and asked Country Ruler to cultivate him. She even arranged for him to stay by Master’s side to grow up together with Master.

Although he was Little Master Feng Ye’s personal bodyguard, the Country Ruler and Supreme Emperor treated him like family. Everything Little Master had, he had too.

In order to not let anyone down or disappoint Princess, he continued to practice hard. He had promised Princess, Country Ruler and the Supreme Emperor that he would protect Little Master well.

Moreover, his father, mother, grandfather and grandmother were saved because of Princess Feng Jiu. It was because of her that they were able to go from wanderless ghosts to cultivate as ghosts and be able to walk around during the day. He would always remember her kindness and grace.

“Little Yangyang, eat, eat.” The little guy was relentless. He stretched his little hand and stood on his tiptoes and clung on to his body, all because he wanted him to eat a piece of fragrant osmanthus cake.

Upon seeing this, Feng Sanyuan smiled and said: “Little Yangyang, just eat it! You know how stubborn Little Ye’er is. Since he has given you the cake, he will insist that you eat it.”

Zhao Yang thought about it when he heard this, and finally, he took the piece of cake and ate it.

The little guy’s eyes crinkled up with his smile when he saw it. He ran back to his father and opened his mouth: “Father, osmanthus cake.”

“Hahaha, alright, father will feed you.” He took another piece of osmanthus cake and put it into his mouth. This time, the little guy finally ate happily.

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