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Chapter 1643: Her Husband


He watched there quietly, and after the time it took to burn an incense stick, the two men stopped sparring. At this point in time, he was able to look at them clearly. They both wore black coloured robes and their figures were similar, however, one of their robes was darker and it made him appear more calm.

When his gaze fell upon the two of them, he realised that their bone ages were different. One man was in his twenties and the other was probably in his late twenties or early thirties but his bone age was already forty. His breath was also calmer.

“The one in lighter robes is my Master’s foster brother, Guan Xilin.” Leng Hua told him. Duan Mubai was unaware when he had arrived by his side.

Duan Mubai turned his head slightly and looked at the young man standing beside him. This young man looked around the same age as his disciples, but he had a gentle temperament, unlike ordinary guards and subordinates.

“You must be Leng Hua!” It wasn’t a question but was said with certainty. There weren’t that many idle men in here, Du Fan had told him that other than himself, there was also Leng Hua and a woman named Leng Shuang.

Leng Hua smiled warmly and replied: “Yes, that’s me.”

“The people around Feng Jiu are really not any ordinary people.” Duan Mubai said appreciatively.

“I am just Feng Jiu’s steward, one of the most common and inconspicuous people around.” Leng Hua said modestly.

Duan Mubai smiled and asked: “If the person in the lighter coloured robes is Feng Jiu’s foster brother, then who is the other man?” His gaze fell on Feng Xiao. He felt the iron in this man’s blood and his breath was breathtaking. Moreover, the aura of his breath was fierce and compelling.

Leng Hua followed his gaze and when it fell on Feng Xiao, he smiled and said warmly: “The one in darker coloured clothes is our Family Head, Feng Xiao. He is also my Master’s father and Madam’s husband.”

When he heard this, Duan Mubai’s eyes moved slightly and his heart stopped beating for a moment. He was a little startled: “He is Feng Jiu’s father? Wanrong’s husband?”

At this moment, he felt his heart sink, as if he had lost something, his heart kept on sinking.

So this was the man her heart had pined for, the man she had always cared about, and now she was finally reunited with him….

When he thought of this, he couldn’t help but looked at Feng Xiao once again. Even if he didn’t want to admit it, Feng Xiao was really outstanding. Whether it was his appearance, or his calm, iron-blooded aura, he was just like a dragon or phoenix amongst ordinary people.

Moreover, they were two polar opposites. At first glance, Feng Xiao gave people the impression that he was a tough and powerful man, a strong exponent. Whereas he was just an alchemist. Even if alchemists were admired and respected, when it came to combative experience and imposing aura, he couldn’t compare with him.

As he stared blankly, he saw an elegant figure appear before his eyes. On the trail on the other side of the training field Shangguan Wanrong was walking slowly with a bamboo basket in her hand. When the two men in the training field saw her, they stopped.

Because he was some distance away, he couldn’t hear what they were talking about. He only saw Feng Xiao walk over quickly and took the basket in Wanrong’s hand then put it down. He said something to her and Wanrong took out her handkerchief and wiped the sweat on his forehead….

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