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Chapter 1644: Feeling Down


As he looked at the smile and tenderness on her face, the feeling in his heart was indescribable. Her gentleness and tenderness didn’t’ belong to him and never would. It was just wishful thinking on his part all this time.

However, being able to see her finally get her happiness, it gave him some comfort.

After gathering his thoughts, he put his feelings for her to the bottom of his heart and started to walk forwards.

Next to him, Leng Hua, who had seen this, smiled and followed him to the martial arts training field. When they got closer, he spoke.

“Family Head, Madam, Duan Mubai is here.”

Leng Hua’s voice drifted out and startled Shangguan Wanrong who had been speaking to Feng Xiao. She raised her head to look at the person arriving and it was indeed her Eldest Senior Brother. She took Feng Xiao’s hand and walked forward: “Eldest Senior Brother, why are you here?”

When Feng Xiao heard Shangguan Wanrong call the man her Eldest Senior Brother, he sized the man up calmly. His daughter had mentioned that many people in Pill Sun Sect had secretly had feelings for her.

“I heard from Chen Dao and the others that you are here, so I came to see how you’re doing.” Duan Mubai said with a gentle smile. His gaze left Shangguan Wanrong and landed on Feng Xiao who was beside her.

“I didn’t expect to meet Feng Family Head here, what a surprise .”

Yes! Before he had arrived here, he didn’t know he would meet Wanrong’s husband, nor did he expect him to be such an excellent man. However, seeing that he was such an excellent man, he felt better about it.

Feng Xiao laughed loudly when he heard this and said: “I didn’t expect to meet the Eldest Senior Brother my wife talks about so much. I didn’t notice you earlier, please don’t mind Brother Duan if I have lacked in greeting you.”

“Of course not.” Duan Mubai said. He looked at Shangguan Wanrong: “Actually, I don’t have anything important to do here. I just dropped by to visit Junior Sister. How’s your health been Junior Sister?”

Shangguan Wanrong smiled gently and said in a soft voice: “Don’t worry Eldest Senior Brother, Little Jiu’s medical skills are very good. I’m fine now.”

“That’s good.” He nodded. He knew that she was fine as he looked at her.

“Brother Duan, let’s go to the front hall and have a chat! It’s bad hospitality to ask Brother Duan to stand here with us.” Feng Xiao said and gestured.

Upon seeing this, Duan Mubai looked at the two of them and headed to the front hall with them.

Guan Xilin held on to Leng Hua and after the few of them had walked away, he asked: “Has anyone informed Little Jiu that Duan Mubai is here?”

“No, Master is probably not awake yet.” Leng Hua replied.

“Tell you what! You go to the front hall to look after our guest and I will go and take a look in the back.” Saying that, he signaled to Leng Hua to leave quickly while he left and went to the back courtyard. When he arrived at Feng Jiu’s courtyard, he saw Leng Shuang guarding the door and signalled for her to come over to him.

“Young Master, what’s the matter?” Leng Shuang asked.

“Is your Master awake yet?”

“Not yet.”

“Is Xuanyuan Mo Ze inside?” He asked again.

When she heard this, Leng Shuang was taken aback and said: “No, Hell’s Lord is asleep in his own room.”

Because Family Head and Madam were here, and they would sometimes come over here to look for Master, so even if Hell’s Lord had wanted to sleep with Master, he knew that he couldn’t do this under the watchful eyes of the two elders and he had to go by the rules and sleep in his own room.

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