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Published at 2nd of February 2021 09:04:49 AM

Chapter 1617: Chapter 1617 - Go on, continue speaking

Chapter 1617: Go on, continue speaking

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Shangguan Wanrong glanced at the both of them in surprise as she struggled to remember who they were . However, if they called her Martial Uncle, that meant that they belonged to Pill Sun Sect .

Feng Jiu who was on the side slapped her forehead: “Oh, I forgot to tell you . ” She glanced at Chen Dao and Luo Heng and said in an apologetic voice: “I should have told you earlier, this is my mother . ”

“Wh, what?” Luo Heng looked at Feng Jiu in shock, and then at Shangguan Wanrong . He couldn’t believe that Feng Jiu was Martial Uncle Shangguan’s daughter .

God, what relationship was this?

Chen Dao who had been listening on the side was a little surprised . So Shangguan Wanrong was Feng Jiu’s mother? If so, then things made sense .

The reason Feng Jiu had infiltrated the Pill Sun Sect to become an errand boy and caused so much trouble, presumably it all had to do with Shangguan Wanrong . Duan Mubai must have known the reason, otherwise, why would he have sent them to inform Feng Jiu of an assassination attempt after she had killed his Master .

There were still many things that were unclear, but Feng Jiu was not someone who would kill people for no reason . Master Third Sun must have done something unspeakable, otherwise, his own disciple wouldn’t have turned against him .

“Mother, this is Chen Dao, and this is Luo Heng . You’ve probably met them before but just forgotten . ” Feng Jiu walked over to them and patted their shoulders as she introduced them: “I was the closest to them in Pill Sun Sect, especially Senior Brother Chen who has helped me a lot . ”

The others hadn’t noticed anything . However, Xuanyuan Mo Ze watched as she walked over to the two of them and placed her hand on their shoulders . The intimacy and physical contact was an eyesore to him .

Therefore, he stepped forward and came to Feng Jiu’s side . He spoke seriously in a low, majestic voice: “In the past, they didn’t know you were a girl . Now that they do, it’s better not to get too close . Didn’t you notice their shoulders stiffened when you placed your hands there?”

Speaking which, he removed her hands from their shoulders . At the same time, he pulled her into his arms and led her away from the two men and came to the table to sit down .

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Chen Dao and Luo Heng were staring at Shangguan Wanrong in a daze and hadn’t paid any attention to Feng Jiu’s hands resting on their shoulders . Although they knew Feng Jiu was a girl, however, she always wore a red robe and not a dress . Besides, after spending time together in the past, naturally they treated her as a man and didn’t feel uncomfortable at all .

Therefore, when they heard Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s words, they froze for a moment . Chen Dao reacted first and smiled, but didn’t say anything . Luo Heng however, instinctively said: “Of course no! We are very comfortable with linking shoulders to shoulders, back when we were in the peak … . ”

Before he could finish speaking, he felt Chen Dao nudge him . He paused and looked at him: “What are you doing?”

Chen Dao glanced at him and moved his gaze away and motioned for him to look at Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s dangerous breath all over his body . He was speechless . This kid seemed quite smart usually, how could he be so foolish sometimes?

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“Go on! We are listening!” Xuanyuan Mo Ze said in a cool voice . He didn’t know what his woman had become mixing with them in the peak .

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