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Chapter 1616: Chapter 1616 - Why Are You Here
Chapter 1616: Why Are You Here

“It’s alright Foster Mother, I can help you carry things, let’s go!” He walked ahead and held the door open for her at the outer courtyard . In actual fact, he was worried about the two of them going out alone .

Leng Shuang’s expression remained unchanged, her cold and glamorous face was quite eye-catching, his Foster Mother’s appearance was gentle and beautiful . He felt uneasy to let them go out alone . It would be better if he had accompanied them, lest he could account to Little Jiu .

Upon seeing this, Shangguan Wanrong smiled and relented . When the three of them left the courtyard and walked out onto the streets, she understood that it was the right decision for Guan Xilin to accompany them .

From time to time, the people on the streets cast their eyes over her and Leng Shuang, their gazes seemed to follow them along the way . Some of them were so fixated staring at them that they had bumped into the person in front of them . Some had even attempted to get closer to them but when they saw Guan Xiling following closely behind them, they didn’t dare to step forward and only looked from afar .

Shangguan Wanrong shook her head discreetly at that . She seldom went out for walks, so naturally she had forgotten men’s deep-rooted fondness for beauty .

Under Guan Xilin’s escort, they arrived at the market and bought everything they needed, then headed back home . After he had seen them back to the inner courtyard, Guan Xilin went to the outer courtyard to practice boxing while Shangguan Wanrong and Leng Shuang got busy in the kitchen .

When Feng Jiu woke up and learned that her mother and Leng Shuang were cooking breakfast in the kitchen, she washed up and went straight to the kitchen . Before she even stepped into the kitchen, she could smell the delicious aroma and it made her take in a deep breath .

“Wow! It smells delicious! What are you cooking? It’s making me ravenous . ” She leaned forward with a smile and squinted .

“Master!” Leng Shuang called out and revealed a smile as she stepped back on Feng Jiu’s approach .

“Little Jiu is awake? Her timing is just right, we have just finished cooking breakfast, come and taste it . ” Shangguan Wanrong said with a smile and beckoned for her to taste the food .

When she heard this, Feng Jiu hurried forwards immediately: “Where? What do you want me to try? You’ve asked the right person . ”

Shangguan Wanrong couldn’t help but chuckled when she saw this and squeezed her face: “Look at your greedy face, who are you like?”

“If I’m not like my mother, I must be like my father!” She said with a smile matter-of-factly .

“Yes, I think you’re more like your father too . ” Shangguan Wanrong nodded in agreement and gave her a small bun to eat: “How is it? Does it taste nice?”

Feng Jiu ate the small bun which had a thin casing and plenty of filling, the rich meat juices were so fragrant that she couldn’t help but asked: “Mother, did you really make this bun? Your culinary skills are so good, it’s delicious!”

“Really? It’s good as long as you like it . There are a few other flavours but they’re not ready yet . Here are some small dishes that are ready, you can try them . ” She took Feng Jiu to one side and asked her to taste the prepared dishes one by one .

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When she saw her satisfied expression and heard her praises, she felt happy and satisfied in her heart, as she looked forward to the day her family would be reunited . Until then, she would cook in the kitchen everyday for her daughter to make up for all the years she owed to her .

After she had laid out breakfast, Shangguan Wanrong asked Leng Hua to call everyone to breakfast . One by one, everyone arrived, and when Chen Dao and Luo Heng saw Shangguan Wanrong in front of them, they exclaimed like they had seen a ghost .

“Martial Uncle Shangguan? What are you doing here?” Luo Heng exclaimed as he stared at the person in front of him with wide eyes .

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