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Chapter 1605: 1605
Chapter 1605: Dare not to provoke

“Are you threatening me?” The family head’s face stared at Guan Xilin gloomily . The breath of a Celestial Strong Exponent was released all over his body .

However, for Guan Xilin, who had experienced a lot of battles and met many strong exponents outside, a Celestial Initial Stage Strong Exponent did not pose a big threat to him . He could even bear the opponent’s pressure easily .

“Threatening you? Oh, you really think highly of yourself . ” Guan Xilin sneered . “Before looking for trouble, you’d better ask around, what kind of a place this is! Don’t mess with people you shouldn’t mess with . Otherwise, you’ll regret bringing disaster to the whole family!”

Hearing this, the family head languished inwardly . His brows were wrung stiffly . At this moment, he had to face the mystical energy cultivator that he despised head-on .

He was able to keep a straight face under his Celestial Strong Exponent’s mighty pressure . Moreover, he dared to speak to him so fearlessly . Thus, it’s clear that the power behind them was by no means ordinary . But, wasn’t this just a small pharmacy? Was there anything special about it?

He hesitated at this thought . If he really provoked some horrible people, it’s very likely to bring harm to the whole family as this man said!

“Big Brother, don’t listen to this kid’s nonsense . He’s just scaring you!” The fat man ran over and glared at Guan Xilin fiercely .

However, the middle-aged man did not answer him but pondered about it deeply . At this time, a middle-aged man who had been hiding aside gave it some thought and finally stepped forward .

“Family Head, I have something to say . ”

Zhao Family Head took a look at him and saw that he was his younger brother’s steward . Then, he motioned him to come forward . However, after listening to the words whispered in his ears, his expression changed greatly . He immediately raised a foot and kicked the steward .

“You heinous thing! Why didn’t you say this earlier? Why did you let him cause trouble?” He scolded the steward angrily and kicked him several meters away with one foot . It could be said that the strength of this foot was as heavy as the fury in his heart .

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When the fat man saw this, he couldn’t help feeling guilty . He peeked at his elder brother, lowered his head and didn’t dare to speak again .

Although the head of the Zhao family wanted to save his face and had an arrogant nature, he was not a fool . He could clearly distinguish the situation’s gravity as well as its consequences . So, after taking a deep breath, he cupped his fists towards Guan Xilin and Du Fan . “I’ve offended many times before without realizing the antecedents . It’s the surnamed Zhao’s improper discipline that has caused you trouble . The surnamed Zhao is here to compensate for your loss . I hope this matter is settled here . ”

Guan Xilin wasn’t an avaricious and insatiable person . Seeing that Zhao Family Head had made amends, he nodded slightly at Du Fan and said, “I hope this kind of thing won’t happen again . ”

Once he said this, he cried out to the spectating crowd . “Please disperse! There’s nothing to see!” Then, he went back to the shop with Du Fan .

“Big Brother, why did you…” The fat man came forward and was about to speak . After all, he was not willing to see his elder brother apologize to them .

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“Get the hell out of here now!” Zhao Family Head yelled at him, flicked his sleeves, and walked away with a gloomy face .

What a shame!

“Big Brother, Big Brother…” The fat man cried and led his man to catch up with his elder brother .

Not far away, some people were drinking tea and chatting in the restaurant . When they saw this scene, they all looked at each other with a smile, “Isn’t this pharmacy interesting?”

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