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Published at 24th of January 2021 06:21:44 AM

Chapter 1606: Chapter 1606 - Isn’t it awesome

Chapter 1606: Isn’t it awesome

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A man in a luxurious robe nodded with a smile . “That man just now was the head of the Zhao family in the neighbouring city . Although it’s not a large influential clan, it’s still considered a mid-sized influential family . Surprisingly, he didn’t dare to provoke this small pharmacy . ”

“Hehe, small pharmacy?” Another man in an ornate robe took a sip of tea and then said, “It’s useless for you all being the city’s several large families’ progeny . It’s unexpected that you had no idea that this small pharmacy is extraordinary . ”

“We know the pharmacy is not ordinary . But, how on earth does it turn out so remarkable? Do you know? Let’s hear it . ” The others laughed and motioned for the man to talk .

“I just overheard my father and an uncle mention that the pharmacy’s secret owner is called Ghost Doctor, who is proficient in pill refining and medicine and also has a miraculous medical skill to bring the dead back to life . ”

The man spoke as if trying to keep them in suspense . He paused deliberately and glanced at several people .

“All right, say it quickly, don’t stop talking . ”

Seeing this, the man said with a smile . “It is said that this Ghost Doctor has a close relationship with the Black Market Chief and the origin is extraordinary . On the surface, this shop is selling some common medicinal materials, but in fact, there is a secret inside . ”

“Oh? What kind of thing?”

“You must have heard that my father advanced last month, didn’t you?” The man asked them .

“Yes, we heard . Didn’t your father suffer from severe internal injuries at that time and his strength stayed at the Celestial Initial Stage? I was going to ask you about this . Why has your father suddenly advanced? This story has already spread in several big families in the city, but I haven’t heard my elders talk about how he advanced . ”

A man said with curiosity .

“That’s because my father bought two pills in this pharmacy, one for internal injury, and the other for improving his strength . ” The man in the ornate robe said triumphantly .

“What kind of elixir is so powerful? That’s worth a lot of money, isn’t it? ”

“Why didn’t my father buy some of these powerful pills to go home? He is now meeting bottleneck in his advancement . If he has such pills, he will be able to advance successfully . ”

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“Yes, I haven’t heard my father say such a thing . Could it be that they are not aware of it? Otherwise, how could they miss such a good opportunity? ”

The man in the ornate robe who spoke earlier sneered and glanced at them . “Do you think you can buy it if you have money?”

Hearing this, several of them were stunned and asked in unison, “Don’t tell me that it isn’t so?”

The man shook his index finger . “In addition to the money, there must be a token to purchase medicine issued by this pharmacy . My father said that those who hold elixir tokens can’t buy medicinal pills, and those who hold medicinal pill tokens can’t buy elixirs . This pharmacy is such a strange place . They don’t take out many medicinal pills, but it’s creating intense competition for them . They knew that it’s here, but no one dares to offend them . Tell me, isn’t it awesome?”

Those dumbfounded people nodded . “Awesome!”

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“But how do you get the token? Is it true that if we bring money to the store, we can’t buy the pills?” A man couldn’t help asking . His heart was stirred at the thought of such an incredible pill .

A thought sprung up in his mind, making him very excited .


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