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Chapter 1552: 1552

The City Lord frowned and pondered for a while: “He should still be in the manor . Where haven’t you searched? Go and look again . ”“Just Eldest Young Miss’ Full Moon courtyard . It’s just that Eldest Young Miss’ courtyard has formations on the outside so it should be impossible for the young boy to enter . ” The steward replied and saw the Family Head look at him with a dark expression .

“What do you mean by should be? Do you think he is an ordinary person? Can an ordinary person have two Saint Badges?”

As soon as he had spoken, he strode inside and ordered loudly: “Tell everyone in the manor to stop looking, he should be at Yingying’s . I will go and take a look . ”

The steward hurriedly went to instruct everyone to stop searching and then quickly walked towards Full Moon Courtyard . Eldest Young Miss seldom had visitors, so why did the young boy in red go there? They had such a hard time searching for him .

At this point in time, Feng Jiu was in a very good mood! Apart from having a very enjoyable conversation using a writing brush and paper with this woman called Duan Yingying, what had surprised her most was that although she couldn’t speak nor hear, her culinary skills were surprisingly good .

As it was getting late, when she saw that it was getting dark, she had brought Feng Jiu to the kitchen to cook a meal for her to repay her kindness . After walking around in this courtyard did she then realise that there was only Yingying in the courtyard . The City Lord’s manor was huge and there were many servants, yet, there was not even a single person here to wait on her . She was after all the Eldest Young Miss in the City Lord’s manor .

As she sat at the stone table outside the kitchen and looked at her bowl piled high with food, she smiled happily and picked up a mouthful with her chopsticks and started eating .

However, as she looked at her eating happily, she put her chopsticked down and picked up the writing brush to write on the paper: “I am so happy today that finally I have someone to have dinner with me . ”

When she read this, her heart felt bitter sweet as she looked at the innocent smile in front of her . The City Lord had two daughters, but outsiders only knew him to have one daughter . As for this daughter, she was living in this courtyard unknown to outsiders, and she had never stepped out of the manor gate once, nor heard the sound of the world’s nature, nor had she ever spoken a single word before .

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Two people, with the same appearance, but completely different destinies .

“Young Master Feng?”

At this moment, the City Lord Duan voice drifted in . She looked back and saw him step forward in slight surprise . When he saw the simple dishes on the table, he said in surprise: “Why is Young Master Feng here?” Was he here to look at the Exquisite Seven Colour Flower? How did he know that the Exquisite Seven Colour Flower was planted in this courtyard?

“I had come into this courtyard by mistake and bumped into Miss Duan . Just so happened I was hungry, so Miss Duan invited me to have dinner with her . Would you like to join us, City Lord?” There was a faint smile on her lips as she looked at the City Lord who was standing nearby .

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When he heard this and saw his daughter who had stood up from the table, he smiled and said: “Sit, don’t stand . ”

He instructed the steward to get another set of bowl and chopsticks then he sat down: “I have just returned to the manor . Since Young Master Feng is eating here, then naturally I will have to join you . However, these dishes are simple fare . Tell you what! I will order the servants to cook a few more dishes and have them sent over here . ”

“There’s no need, these are enough . ” Feng Jiu said and smiled widely at Duan Yingying who was unable to hide her joy .

Upon seeing this, City Lord Duan smiled and said: “Today I have failed in my duties as a host and neglected my guest, Young Master Feng, please forgive me . ”

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