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Chapter 1551: 1551

She was a little surprised as the plain white dress was hidden among the flowers . She hadn’t sensed anyone else’s presence! Moreover, even if she had only just seen the glimpse of clothing now, she didn’t sense any breath at all . So, this person must not be an ordinary person at all?

She walked forward slowly and saw that it was a woman . However, at this point in time, she seemed to have fainted . What surprised her most was the woman’s face .

“It’s her?” She found it a little strange . Wasn’t she the woman she had saved earlier on along the way? How did she end up here?

However, upon closer inspection, she felt that something was not quite right .

“Miss? Miss?” She called out a couple of times and stepped forward to help her up . She checked her pulse quickly and she couldn’t help being stunned . She lowered her head and looked at the woman she was supporting .

“She’s not the same person! No wonder she felt something wasn’t amiss, are they identical twins?” She murmured softly as her eyes fell on the woman .

Her face was that of an outstanding woman, not glamorous and very beautiful, but more of a delicate beauty . Although they looked the same, their temperament seemed quite different .

Although this woman was unconscious, there was a quiet and serene breath all over her body . The aura on her body was extremely quiet, which was why she hadn’t noticed her when she came in earlier .

After she glanced at the woman, she helped her out of the garden and into the pavilion . She saw some paper and charcoal pencil on the table and an unfinished drawing on the paper .

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She retrieved a bottle from space and unscrewed the lid, then she put the bottle to the woman’s nose . Shortly after, the woman began to awaken .

Feng Jiu put the bottle away and picked up the charcoal pen and wrote on another piece of white paper: “You’re awake? You fainted earlier on because you smelt the fragrance of the Purple Netted Flowers for too long . Be mindful next time and don’t smell the fragrance for too long . ”

The woman blinked and stared in surprise and curiosity at Feng Jiu who was dressed in red . Ater she looked at Feng Jiu, she looked at the piece of paper . After she had seen what was written on the piece of paper, she smiled sweetly and nodded at Feng Jiu . She took the pen and paper from Feng Jiu and wrote two sentences on it .

“Thank you, you’re so beautiful . ”

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When she saw the words, Feng Jiu laughed and wrote on the paper: “I saw a girl who looks exactly like you a few days ago, are you identical twins?”

A smile appeared on the woman’s face and she wrote on the piece of paper: “She is my younger sister . ”

Feng Jiu chatted with the woman in the pavilion using pen and paper for a while . From her pulse, she knew that the woman was unable to speak or hear… .

When the sky was starting to darken, the people in the City Lord’s manor had turned the whole manor upside down but couldn’t find Feng Jiu anywhere . When they realised that the youth in red was gone, the City Lord was informed immediately .

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The City Lord who had been out for the whole day had returned to the manor and was taken aback when he heard that the young boy in red had disappeared . His eyebrows twisted as he asked: “Did he ride away on his horse? Did anyone see him leave?”

“Actually, the horse is still in the stables in the back . I also asked the gatekeeper and no one had seen him go out through the main gate . But he is nowhere to be found in the manor . ” The steward said anxiously, his face full of worry . He hadn’t expected a person to just disappear into thin air .

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