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Chapter 1475: 1475

When Feng Jiu and Luo Heng heard this, they looked at each other and smiled . Yes, this was the Chen Dao who liked to stroke his moustache as he spoke that they both knew so well .

When she thought of his moustache, Feng Jiu looked at him and chuckled: “Senior Brother Chen, your moustache has been shaved off by Senior Brother Luo, you will have to grow it again . ”

Upon hearing this, Chen Dao instinctively reached up to stroke his moustache but touched his beardless mouth instead . Luo Heng couldn’t help but smile: “I shaved it off because it was easier to clean you, so, just…”

“It’s fine, I can grow my moustache again . ” He said indifferently and thanked the two of them sincerely with a smile: “Thank you both so much for everything you’ve done during this time . ”

“It’s nothing much, you don’t need to thank us, there’s no need to stand on ceremony with us . ” Luo Heng smiled .

“That’s right, Senior Brother Chen, you’ve helped me out many times in the past and I am really happy that I can help you . ” Feng Jiu smiled widely, her eyes narrowed as she smiled .

“Feng Jiu, you have literally given me a new life, I will forever remember your great kindness . In the future, if there is anything you need help with, don’t hesitate to tell me, I won’t refuse . ”

“Please don’t stand on ceremony, Senior Brother Chen . ”

She smiled and said: “It’s really not a big deal at all, Senior Brother Chen need not take it to heart . ” She paused, and continued: “Since Senior Brother Chen is awake, I shall take my leave . ”

Chen Dao nodded and said to Luo Heng: “Junior Brother Luo, please help me see Feng Jiu out . ”

“All right . ” Luo Heng responded and walked Feng Jiu out .

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After he watched Feng Jiu leave, Chen Dao who was lying on the bed closed his eyes slowly . Feng Jiu, he knew from the first time they had met that he was extraordinary . What he didn’t expect was what the healers and alchemists of the Sect deemed untreatable turned out to be a small matter for him .

The alchemists and healers of the Sect are first rate people wherever they go, but they couldn’t even compare to an errand boy .

Or maybe, he wasn’t ever an errand boy to begin with .

But no matter what, he had healed him and he owed his life to him, this was a kindness that he would always remember .

Outside, after Feng Jiu had removed the boundary barrier she set up, she said to Luo Heng: “I will go back now . In a few days I will bring some more ointment . If there is anything you need, send someone to get me . ”

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“All right, head on back!” Luo Heng waved his hand . He knew that he was busy recently but he didn’t know what he had been up to .

After nodding, Feng Jiu turned and left .

When she walked down the Seventh Peak towards her cave dwelling, she saw Duan Mubai standing some distance away with his hands behind his back . When he saw her, he turned and walked away saying only this .

“Come with me . ”

She paused slightly then followed him until they came to the back of the forest in the Seventh Peak where Duan Mubai had stopped and turned around to look at her .

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Upon seeing this, she bowed respectfully: “Greetings Senior Uncle Duan, I wonder, is there something you have to instruct your lowly disciple with for calling me here?”

“Feng Jiu, who on earth are you really?” Duan Mubai asked in a deep voice .

Feng Jiu was stunned when she heard his question and her face showed a look of puzzlement: “I am Feng Jiu, don’t you already know this Senior Uncle Duan?”

Duan Mubai stared at her sharply and said: “I know you are Feng Jiu . But what I want to know is your motive for entering the Sect . Why did you enter Third Sun Peak? Also, why did you approach Shangguan Wanrong? What actually happened between the both of you inside the Secret Realm?”

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