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Chapter 1418: 1418
Chapter 1418 Conflic

“Oh, I’m just looking around . I feel the spirit energy in this place is really rich and there are herbs everywhere!”

She looked back and answered . Actually, she wanted to see where her mother was . However, she couldn’t find the person . These places were strange indeed . Once they got inside, there were herbs on the ground all around the place but they were all common .

“You don’t know this, do you?”

Chen Dao came over from the other side . “This is the sect’s mystic realm . Every spring, the sect will send some people to scatter some spirit herb seeds . This way, the mystic realm will never run out of spirit herbs and have an inexhaustible amount for use . ”

“Yes, in spite of this forest’s weeds, those who understand spirit herbs would find spirit herbs among these weeds . What’s more, even weeds have their medicinal properties . It depends on people’s understanding of the type of herbs . ” Luo Heng nodded while explaining to her .

Seeing how much the two men took good care of an errand boy, the people nearby wondered, “Is there anything extraordinary about this errand boy?”

But, after sizing up Feng Jiu from up to bottom, they saw that the boy was dressed in the most ordinary blue clothes and had no distinctive features in his body except for that pair of limpid and glistening eyes .

“Alright, all the other teams are gone . Let’s go, too!” Chen Dao patted his clothes and was ready to go forward, but at this time, a male member of his team stood in front of Chen Dao .

“Wait a moment . ”

Chen Dao saw that the person in front was a man in his forties . This man should have been the oldest among them and not a disciple of Third Sun Peak . He had never been in contact with him before .

“What’s the matter?” Chen Dao asked, signalling the man to speak up .

“Our team should have a team leader . Although I, Jia, am untalented, I think that I’m much better than many of you . I will be the leader of this team . ”


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Before Chen Tao opened his mouth, he heard Luo Heng sneer .

“What are you laughing about?” The man surnamed Jia looked at Luo Heng with displeasure .

“Laughing at you, of course . What else is there to laugh at?” Luo Heng walked forward with arms folded across his chest . With his chin raised slightly, he looked up and down at him disdainfully .

“Since you know you’re untalented, you want to be the team leader? You are so thick-skinned, ah!’

The man surnamed Jia glared at him angrily . “Senior Brother, don’t be too arrogant and conceited!”

Luo Heng shrugged and raised his arms with both palms up . “I’m just telling the truth . ”

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When the others heard this, they could not help laughing . They felt that the man was overestimating himself and looking for insults . Wanting to be the team leader just like that? He had to ask them if they agreed!

“Yeah! I also feel that Senior Brother Jia…is not good enough to be our team leader . ”

One of the women spoke in a long, drawling tone . As soon as the last few words came out, she saw that the man surnamed Jia had his expression turned unsightly, but she covered her lips and chuckled very happily .

“I’m going to be the team leader, too!” Another man came forward . He was in his thirties with a strong figure and full of vigour in his speech .

“Yeah, right . You? I can’t accept it . ” Another person also sneered . Obviously, he didn’t agree with that person as the leader .

“Otherwise, I’ll do it!” The other woman suggested . Her beautiful eyes were full of laughter, looking at everyone . “Senior Brothers, what do you think?”

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