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Chapter 1417: 1417
Chapter 1417 What are you looking at? .

About the time it took a column of incense to burn, the leader from each peak quickly formed a small team . The remaining people who were unwilling to be in their team had no choice but to join them .

Feng Jiu and Chen Dao’s team was composed of five men and two women . Some of them looked in their twenties and some in their thirties and forties . However, their real age was much older than their appearance .

The two women were very attractive . Their figures were sexy and voluptuous, paired with enchanting looks like sirens . But somehow, they seemed to be very interested in Chen Dao . After squeezing Feng Jiu out, the two women always stuck to Chen Dao for a chat . The other men’s eyes looked on coldly, their gazes were filled with displeasure .

After everyone was grouped into teams, the peak leaders gave instructions to their teams and took them to enter the mystic realm via the transmission array . With a flash of light, hundreds of people disappeared batch by batch inside the transmission array .

When they reappeared, they were already inside a forest overflowing with spirit energy .

Feng Jiu sensed a force pushed her out . She staggered and quickly stood firm to avoid falling to the ground . In front of her, many others couldn’t stand the pressure and lost their balance . They tumbled down on the grass, letting out low cries .

Chen Dao, standing securely, looked back . He saw Feng Jiu looking around . It was as if she had no discomfort from being in the transmission array . He could only stroke his handlebar moustache, revealing a meaningful smile .

“Senior Brother Chen, please give me a hand!”

“Senior Brother Chen, why did you push me away just now? I fell down . ”

The two women spoke in unison . As the voice came out, they looked at each other in the eye with provocation .

“Junior Sisters, we’ll help you up . ”

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A man in his thirties in Feng Jiu’s team came in a hurry and stretched out his hand to help the two beautiful women propping on the grass . However, after meeting their chilly gaze, he withdrew his hand .

“You don’t need help? It means you’re all right . Get up quickly . ” The man retracting his hand and retreating at the same time while glancing at Chen Dao fiercely .

Chen Dao, with one hand on his back and the other hand arranging his moustache, did not pay attention to the man’s anger . Instead, he looked at the two women who collapsed on the ground and chuckled . “Junior Sisters, although I, Chen Dao, is incomparably handsome and suave, with you two acting like this, it will add a lot of trouble to me . ”

“Senior Brother Chen…”

Their beautiful eyes flickered while murmuring softly in a coquettish tone .

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“However, if the two Junior Sisters really like me, how about me going to your master to propose marriage with you after getting out of the mystic realm? I believe that with my status, I have more than enough to marry you two . ”

The two women froze at this . They knew that they fooled around too much, so they quickly stood up and gave him a salute . “Senior Brother Chen, please don’t blame us . We’re actually…” They actually just wanted to have fun and see who could take Chen Dao first . Unexpectedly, Chen Dao saw right through it at a glance .

When Luo Heng heard this, he curled his lips and muttered to himself . It’s too much to have just one, yet he’s thinking of marrying two? He’s not just a normal lecher .

Looking at the front, he saw Feng Jiu looking around . Luo Heng patted her on the shoulder . “Feng Jiu, what are you looking at?”

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