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Chapter 1398: 1398
Chapter 1398 Master Third Sun’s disciple

She first sent all the spirit herbs to other places . After a few rounds, she went to the eighth peak . Even though it’s been more than half a month since she arrived here, this was her first time to step to the eighth peak .

Unlike other places, the eighth peak was inhabited by only a few disciples of Master Third Sun . Consequently, the errand boys were not allowed to come without being summoned . Those who sent spirit herbs were specially assigned .

From her inquiry this past half month, her mother spent very little time refining pills since she rarely ordered materials for refining pills . It seemed refining pills was not her daily task .

She should have been chosen as the inner disciple of Master Third Sun due to her alchemy talent . However, why did she spend very little time refining pills here? If others had the same opportunity, they would certainly study the Way of Medicinal Pill wholeheartedly . After all, as the last disciple of Master Third Sun, all the necessary spirit herbs were freely available .

She walked up the stairs to the eighth peak . As soon as she stepped into it, her expression changed . The place was . set up with arrays and boundaries .

When she crossed the boundaries, the jade card on her waist flashed, letting her walk into the place automatically . It would have been almost imperceptible had it not been for the subtle ripple-like-water sweeping through her body .

The arrays were distributed around several caves on this mountain . Compared with the cave boundaries of the alchemists below, the boundaries above were a lot more powerful .

Over the past half month, she also found out that in addition to being a Nascent Soul Peak level cultivator, Master Third Sun had five disciples under him that included her mother . His four other disciples were at the Golden Core Peak level .

As for their alchemist ranks, she heard that the eldest disciple was the fifth-level Saint rank Alchemist, the second and third disciples are the third-level Saint rank Alchemist, the fourth disciple is the seventh-level Ancestor rank Alchemist, while her mother was only at the fifth-level Ancestor rank Alchemist .

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Alchemist ranks started from Alchemist apprentice, Alchemist, Ancestor rank Alchemist, ,Saint rank Alchemist, Lord rank Alchemist, Immortal rank Alchemist, Venerable rank Alchemist, and Deity rank Alchemist . Each rank was divided into level one to level seven . The higher the rank, the more difficult it was to advance .

The Sun Pill Sect was the first alchemist sect in the Eight Supreme Empires . The sect leader’s alchemist rank was the highest, that is, the fifth-level Immortal rank Alchemist . The next level below him was the peak master of each peak .

Most of the peak masters in charge of each peak were at the first to third level of Immortal rank Alchemist . Even Master Third Sun was only a third-level Immortal rank Alchemist . However, it was extremely difficult to advance further .

Alchemists focused on alchemy and naturally neglected their cultivation . That’s why they had excellent alchemist ranks and status among the eight empires full of powerful exponents, yet their cultivation couldn’t even compare with some mid-sized clans outside .

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It’s estimated that without having the knowledge to refine pills themselves, it would be difficult to reach this cultivation level . After all, every art had its own expertise . Even though they had made great achievements in one aspect, it would be difficult for them to do the same in other areas .

Of course, only a genius like Feng Jiu could be called a genius .

What was a genius? Among thousands of talents, only one genius could appear .

In addition to what she had learned in her previous life, she also worked hard in this life to learn things she had never been exposed to before . Otherwise, she would not have collected a whole array of skills as she did today .

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“Who are you? What are you coming here for? ” Just as she was deep in thoughts, someone’s voice was heard .

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