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Chapter 1399: 1399
Chapter 1399 That figure

She looked up and saw a man in his twenties standing in front of a cave dwelling, staring at her .

Feng Jiu stepped forward . After catching a glimpse of an identity badge at his waist as well as an alchemist badge pinned to his chest, she saluted . “I have seen Elder Brother . I am here to deliver spirit herbs, but it is my first time to come up and I have no idea where Martial Uncle Shangguan’s cave is located . ”

In this Pill Sun Sect, disciples addressed others with Senior Brother or Junior Brother regardless of their Alchemist rank . The only difference was that each peak leader must be called Patriarch and his disciples must be called Martial Uncles .

“You’re sending spirit herbs?” The man stared at Feng Jiu and sized her up for a while . ”Isn’t this Junior Brother Guo’s task originally? Why’s the sudden change? ”

“It’s like this, Senior Brother Guo has to go down the mountain temporarily for business, so I’m sending the herbs to Martial Uncle Shangguan . ”

The man nodded . “Mm, it’s your first time here . Don’t walk around, go straight on this path . The last cave is Shangguan’s cave dwelling . ”

“Thanks so much, Senior Brother . ” She thanked him with a smile .

The man took a look at Feng Jiu . “However, I just seem to see that Martial Uncle Shangguan was called by the patriarch’s attendant . Maybe she is not in her cave now . The cave has a boundary . Martial Uncle Shangguan didn’t accept an attendant at her side, so I guess you can’t get in . ”

“Ah? Well!” She was startled for a moment, then showed a simple and honest smile . “It doesn’t matter . I will wait outside Martial Uncle Shangguan’s cave . Anyway, I have sent medicine to other places and have nothing urgent presently . ”

The man coughed gently and his eyes flashed . “in fact, you can also leave the medicinal pill materials . I’ll take them to her for you when the Martial Uncle comes . ”

When she heard his reply, Feng Jiu’s eyes moved slightly and she felt strange . However, only a simple and honest smile was shown on her face, pretending that she didn’t understand . “It’s all right . I’m free anyway . It’s my fault to let Senior Brother do my job and delay Senior Brother’s matter . Or, if Senior Brother Guo knows that I ask Senior Brother’s help, he will scold me . ”

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“This…” The man still tried to tell her again, but Feng Jiu interrupted him just when he started speaking .

“By the way, Senior Brother, which Martial Uncle’s cave is this?” She looked at the cave behind the man curiously . “It looks so big!”

“My master’s surname is Duan . He is the first disciple of the Third Sun Patriarch . ” When saying this, some arrogance emerged in his glabella .

“It turns out to be Martial Uncle Duan’s cave . No wonder it’s so extraordinary . ”

She immediately said with an admiring look, “I heard that among those below Third Sun Patriarch, Martial Uncle Duan’s alchemist rank is the highest . It’s really awesome! Since Senior Brother can worship Uncle Duan as his master, your alchemy talent must also be at the heaven’s proud son’s level . By the way, my name is Feng Jiu . I still don’t know, how should I address Senior Brother?”

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When he heard Feng Jiu’s words, he was even more arrogant and even the corners of his mouth curved up . He glanced at Feng Jiu and coughed gently, then he said modestly . “Our Pill Sun Sect is the largest alchemist sect in the Eight Supreme Empires . There are many heaven’s proud sons in the sect . I can’t afford this title . ”

With that, he paused a bit and continued, “If you see me later, just call me Senior Brother Hu . ”

“Yes, Senior Brother Hu . ”

She responded to him with a smile . Suddenly, the man in front of her had a surprised look in his eyes . He gazed obsessively at a certain place…

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