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Published at 20th of September 2020 07:22:48 AM
Chapter 1385: Chapter 1385 - First Claim Of Success
Chapter 1385 First Claim Of Success

When this thought came to him, he ran wildly, keeping a few metres ahead of everyone else . When he arrived at the scene and saw what was before him, he couldn’t help but be a little dumbfounded .

A faint smell of blood permeated through the forest, the boy in azure robes and Luo Heng were sat on the ground staring in front of them, in a daze, obviously shocked .

In front of the two of them was a disheveled haired man lying about a metre away . The man’s eyes were wide open and a dagger was inserted into where his dantian was . The entire dagger was embedded in his body with only the handle exposed . His body was stiff from death as it lay on the ground lifeless, his eyes still staring forward .

Upon seeing the scene before him, the man named Lin stepped forward in a hurry to check . After he had confirmed that the man was dead, he looked at Luo Heng complexly: “Junior Brother Luo, are you okay?”

“Senior Brother Luo, is he the perverted killer?”

“Senior Brother Luo, you killed him?”

“Senior Brother Luo is so capable!”

“Senior Brother Luo has the first claim of success!”

One by one, came the voices of envy . Someone had stepped forward, when he saw the face of the dead person and recognised him, he couldn’t help but uttered: “It’s him?”

“Him? Who?” The person next to him asked curiously and looked at the dead person .

“It’s the disciple of Master Xiu Wuzi . I’ve met him a few times in the past, but when I heard about it recently that he had been missing for months, how could he… . ”

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Why was he here? And he had become a perverted murderer who used cruel methods? However, he didn’t say this out loud . This matter was related to Master Xiu Wuzi, so naturally they weren’t at liberty to discuss it .

Luo Heng stared at the dead man in front of him in a daze . His eyes were still staring straight ahead and the bloodthirsty look made his heart tremble . When he thought of what had happened earlier, his eyes still had a vacant look .

How did that man die? He saw a deadly powerful air current and he was so shocked that he had held his head in shock and exclaimed . Therefore, he hadn’t seen how the man had died . It was only when he sensed that there was no movement did he then raise his head and look up . When he did, the man in front of him was already dead .

The dagger embedded in his dantian was not stabbed by him…

However, other than him here, there was only the young boy in azure robes next to him and the unconscious burly man on the ground over there . That man was unconscious, so he couldn’t have taken any action . Could that mean it was the young boy in azure robes next to him?

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When he thought of this, he turned his head and stared blankly at the young boy who looked pale and frightened, just like him . Did he kill him? He looked even more afraid than him, how could he have killed him?

But if it wasn’t him who had killed the man, then who killed him? He obviously didn’t kill himself!

“Senior, Senior Brother Luo, luckily you were here… . . Otherwise it would be terrible . ” Feng Jiu took a while to calm down, her face pale as she patted her chest and exhaled softly, as if she had just survived a disaster .

“This… . ” He was just about to ask when the young boy in azure robes held his hand and said: “Senior Brother Luo, thank you for saving me, you have laid the first claim of success!”

Upon hearing this, he became agitated . Yes! The perverted murderer was dead and he had laid the first claim of success!

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When he thought of this, he suddenly became energetic and didn’t pay any more thought to whether the young boy in azure robes had killed the man . Besides, at this point in time, he was the person who had killed him and he had laid the first claim of success!

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