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Published at 20th of September 2020 07:22:48 AM
Chapter 1386: Chapter 1386 - A simple and crude abode

“Indeed, I have made a great achievement!” His eyes were bright and his face was full of excitement . All his previous fear and panic had disappeared . “You guys have no idea . We followed this perverted killer to this place and saw that he targeted a burly man . By the way, the man is still there . He’s unconscious, probably drugged . You should wake him up first . ”

Feeling immensely proud, Luo Heng pointed to the burly man who collapsed on the ground not far away while telling them, “I tell you, this perverted killer is a Golden Core peak cultivator . I killed him with great difficulty . It was extremely dangerous . During the fight, I narrowly escaped death several times, but fortunately, I was quick to react…”

Feng Jiu was pushed back by the crowd . She couldn’t help smiling as she watched the Pill Sun Sect disciples surround Luo Heng, asking him questions incessantly .

“Did Junior Brother Luo really kill that man?”

When she heard a question close by, Feng Jiu looked sideways and saw that a man surnamed Lin was staring at her, so she nodded . “Yes! Fortunately, Senior Brother Luo was here . Otherwise, the killer will run away again . ”

The man surnamed Lin frowned slightly . He seemed to have some doubts . However, it was certain that there was no one else here but them . The young man in front of him was just a Foundation Building cultivator . Who else other than Luo Heng?

“Let’s go back to the sect . Oh, by the way, that one…” Luo Heng looked around, and his joyful eyes fell on Feng Jiu . “Hey you, you haven’t told us your name yet!”

When Feng Jiu heard him, she grinned and raised her voice, “My name is Feng Jiu . ”

“Feng Jiu? Come here, Feng Jiu, I’ll take you up the mountains . It just takes me a few words to get you to be an errand boy . Let’s go . ” Luo Heng walked towards Feng Jiu, his tone obviously showed that he would take charge of the matter himself .

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So, Feng Jiu followed him up the mountain . The people behind them looked at each other, then carried the corpse, intending to send the body back to the sect to investigate the matter of the sect’s disciple turning into a maniac killer .

With Luo Heng’s support, Feng Jiu naturally entered the Pill Sun Sect and became an errand boy at the Pill Sun Sect’s Third Sun Peak .

“This is where you live . Remember what I told you, an errand boy can’t move about . The Third Sun Peak is divided into nine-layer peaks . The founder lives on the ninth peak . Even my master can’t go up there without his summons . As for the eighth, it is the cave-dwelling where several disciples of the founder live . I told you just now that you can’t go up there . ”

“As an errand boy, you can go from the first to the third layer peak . But, from the fourth layer, you can’t . Besides, someone will come tomorrow to take you and tell you what to do . Here are your odd-jobber’s clothes and waist tag . Take them!”

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Luo Heng handed things over to her then left . She looked at the things in her hand and then walked into a simple and crude cave behind .

Even though it was called a cave-dwelling, there was nothing inside . It was an empty cave with only a stone bed and a stone table . There was no place for bathing . She had no choice but to make do with it .

She took out the stuff from the space and spread it on the stone bed . Then she lay down on the bed, resting her hands on the back of her head, thinking that since she came to the Third Sun Peak, sooner or later she would be able to see her mother .

Her mother shouldn’t be able to recognize her, should she?

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