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Chapter 1378: 1378
Chapter 1378 My Name Is Luo Heng

“You said that there were other murders before this? Are there any similarities with the time and place of death, and also the similar characteristics between the victims? Actually, you can start your investigation in this area and maybe you will catch the pervert before he kills another person . ”

“Then you will come with us . ”

The leader named Lin said and stared at Feng Jiu: “These are all your conjectures, though you said that you have only arrived today and you aren’t the murderer, but there is no one to testify to that . Until we have caught the murderer, you have to stay with us . ”

Feng Jiu frowned when she heard this: “But I have to go to Pill Sun Sect for the entrance exam! Who will be responsible if I miss my opportunity?”


One of them sneered, he looked at Feng Jiu and said with a smile: “The enrollment is only for odd-jobbers, even if you go, you may not be recruited . However, if we put in a few good words on your behalf, you can enter without even taking an assessment . Which do you think is more advantageous for you?”

Feng Jiu’s eyes moved slightly when she heard this, but the expression on her face showed disbelief: “Are you serious? You’re not bragging? What happens if I don’t get in?”

“Bragging?” That male disciple raised his chin and said triumphantly: “You obviously don’t know who I am do you? My Master is the Third Sun Patriarch’s disciple, he is the one who has the final say to allow a disciple doing odd jobs to enter the sect . ”

“Well… . . ” Her eyes brightened and she said with a smile: “Alright then, I will come with you!” The Third Sun branch of the Pill Sun Sect has a good reputation and her mother was their disciple . She can’t go wrong going with them could she?

Since this man is the eldest disciple of the Third Sun Sect, then he should know some things about her mother, then…

When she thought of this, a smile appeared on her face and she stepped forward bowing in respect: “May I know what senior is called?”

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“My surname is Luo and my name is Heng . You may call me Senior Brother Luo!” He waved his hand as if he was giving her an advantage .

“Yes, Senior Brother Luo . Please give me guidance in the future . ” She said kindly then bowed to the other people and followed by Luo Heng’s side .

When they saw this, the other disciples didn’t say anything . They instructed the body to be disposed of, then walked towards the forest to patrol and told Feng Jiu about some of the previous murders .

There were so many people in the forest and yet they still had found nothing . However, they encountered some people who were going to Pill Sun Sect and told them to be careful . Finally they stopped .

“How about this! We will split our search into groups of four! This way the scope of the search can be larger and if there is anything, just shout . ” The leader named Lin said and divided everyone into teams of four .

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In the end, Feng Jiu and Luo Heng were without a team . They looked at each other and heard the voice of the leader named Lin .

“Since there are only the two of you left, then you will form a team by yourselves!”

“You want me to be in a team with him?” Luo Heng frowned and glanced at Feng Jiu: “You’re only a middle-stage Foundation Formation cultivator? If we get into any danger then won’t you implicate me?”

Feng Jiu grinned: “It’s fine, if I can’t win a fight I can run!”

As they were rejected, they could only form a team themselves and if they did bump into the perverted killer and couldn’t beat him, they would just have to run!

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