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Chapter 1377: 1377
Chapter 1377 Perverted Killer

When she saw the dozens of men wearing Pill Sun Sect’s uniform rushing out from a distance, a glint flashed by her eyes . She was just about to speak when she heard one of them shout: “You bold zealot! How dare you kill in the boundaries of our Pill Sun Sect!”

Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows when she heard this, her eyes fell on the person who spoke and said: “Your Excellency, you’ve misunderstood . I am just a passerby and I am on my way to Pill Sun Sect to participate in the entrance exam . I was resting in the forest nearby when I smelt the scent of blood and came to take a look . ”

“There is only one person here, if you didn’t kill him, then who did?”

When she heard this, she glanced at the man with a weird look: “You say I’ve killed someone, but where is the evidence? I have only just walked out and haven’t even gotten close to that person, so how can I kill him? Moreover, I bear no grudges against him, why would I kill him?”

Other than the leader of the group, the other men couldn’t help but look up and down at her after hearing what Feng Jiu said . They saw that her clothes were clean, her attire plain and simple, and her eyes especially pure and innocent, they didn’t think that she looked like a murderer .

“Senior Brother Lin, perhaps the youth didn’t kill him . Look at his clothes, they’re so clean, and he walked out from over there . ” A man whispered .

“Well, though we have to find the murderer, but we must not wrong the innocent . ”

“The youth must have killed him! This is the sixth victim already . Besides, we patrolled this area and we didn’t see anyone else . His sudden appearance is very suspicious . If it’s not him then who else would it be?”

The leader stared at Feng Jiu with dark and sullen eyes as he shouted: “Boy, tell the truth, are you the person who has been robbing and killing people in the forest recently?”

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Feng Jiu rolled her eyes . This man is a fool . With the way he interrogated her, even if she was the killer she wouldn’t admit it!

She observed his posture and he seemed sure that it was her . Therefore, she stepped forward: “I only arrived today . As I said before, I came over here to take a look because I smelt the scent of blood . ”

She looked at the man who was hung upside down and said to another two men: “Brothers, can you put the body down onto the ground?”

“Hey, who is your brother? Don’t call us that . ” The two of them retorted, though they did put the body down on the ground .

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Feng Jiu smiled and walked forward and the two men in front of her asked: “What are you going to do?”

“I am going to determine the cause of death as well as the time of death for you . ”

“You know how to do an autopsy?” The two men were a little surprised .

“Well, I have a little experience . ”

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She retrieved a pair of gloves from within her sleeves and put them on . She unbuttoned his clothes and examined the body . After a while, her expression changed slightly, and she said: “This man has been dead for no longer than two hours . He fell unconscious after inhaling smoke, then he was hung upside down and his tongue cut out . His throat and limbs were chopped off so he bled out . In addition to this, even his manhood has been severed . Exhibiting such horrendous acts, the psychology of the murderer is probably not normal . ”

This kind of killing technique had the mentality of venting anger . She had travelled to many places but this was the first time she had encountered such abnormal behaviour .

Killing was killing, the murderer’s psychology was perverted to want to torture the victim before they died . This kind of person had to be caught, otherwise someone else will definitely die next time .

When they heard this, the expressions of the people from Pill Sun Sect changed as they no longer doubted Feng Jiu . They said: “The previous victims died in the same way . ”

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