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Published at 21st of July 2020 04:00:13 PM
Chapter 1267: 1267
Chapter 1267 An amusing side

“Have a seat!” Xuanyuan Mo Ze gestured then said nothing more .

The Third Princess’ name was Yingxue, which was not only respect for the princess, but also the name of the first beauty in Scarlet Water Empire . Now, seeing Xuanyuan Mo Ze only spared her a faint glance of indifference, without a trace of emotion or amazement, she only lowered her gaze and stepped forward .

However, her drooping head exposed her beautiful features . She walked forward elegantly as her skirt sashayed gently with each step she took . She was as beautiful and charming like a fairy . Seeing her, Feng Jiu couldn’t help but praise her . This woman was indeed as gorgeous as an immortal .

She found it funny when she saw Xuanyuan Mo Ze sat expressionlessly without even taking a look at the princess . Was he afraid to look at the beauty? She didn’t forbid him to look!

Her eyes flickered as she stepped forward to the table and picked up the jug to pour them some wine .

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Xuanyuan Mo Ze took another look at her, when his gaze fell on her, there was either a smile or a look of adoration in his deep black eyes .

This time, even Princess Yingxue, who already sat down, noticed . She could not help but stare sideways at the servant boy who poured wine on Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s side . There was nothing outstanding or special about the servant boy .

But yesterday, when her Imperial Brother wanted to use this servant boy to lure Xuanyuan Mo Ze out, the boy’s performance was beyond their expectation . There was no fluctuation of spirit energy on his body, but why knew he was an expert! Otherwise, how could he dodge her brother’s attempt to lock his throat?

It’s just that Crown Prince Xuanyuan put a beauty like her in front without even looking, yet went to see a pretty servant boy? Was she perhaps not as good as a servant boy?

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Yang Yong, who was waiting at the side, looked at the scene formed by the three and couldn’t help feeling amused . Previously, he only heard about his Lord and Ghost Doctor from Gray Wolf and Shadow One, saying that his Lord had done a lot of things that made them amazed at the Ghost Doctor . He thought they had exaggerated it . After all, his Lord in his impression had always been noble and unfeeling . He really wanted to imagine, how could such a person please a woman?

However, from the scene in front, he knew that he must have missed a lot of interesting things when he wasn’t by his Lord’s side .

“I heard that the Scarlet Water Crown Prince is unwell? Is he better now? ” Xuanyuan Mo Ze turned to look at Princess Yingyue who sat opposite him .

“Maybe the climate doesn’t suit him, but he’s better already . We’re making Your Highness worried . ” She whispered . Her eyes were sparkling as she gazed at the masculine man across .

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Xuanyuan Mo Ze nodded and spoke in a gentlemanly manner, “I was supposed to visit, but I’m busy with some matters . I’m unable to act as a host properly . If Princess is bored staying in the mansion, you can ask Steward Yang to take you for a stroll in the Imperial City . ”

Hearing this, Yang Yong lowered his head and hid the smile in his eyes .

Feng Jiu was holding the wine pot at Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s side, looking skywards .

While Princess Yingxue listened, the smile on her face turned a little stiff . Asking a steward to take her out to go sightseeing . What about his Lordr? Could he push her away with just one sentence of busy with official business? Was it true that she couldn’t catch his fancy, he had no interest in accompanying her sightseeing?

For a moment, there was anger as well as reluctance in her heart, but there was no slightest sign of it on her face . She only restrained her gaze and slightly twisted her skirt with both hands .

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