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Chapter 1266: 1266
Chapter 1266 Huangfu Yingxue

Yang Yong came to have a look and asked about the Scarlet Water Crown Prince . Knowing that he could not attend, Yang Yong led the way for the Third Princess and took her to the front courtyard .

In addition to her two servant girls, Third Princes also brought two cultivators in grey clothes . They came to the front courtyard together and took seats in the front hall as arranged by Yang Yong .

“Third Princess, please wait a moment . I’ll invite my Lord . ” He rose slightly and walked out .

After a while, when she got a little impatient, she saw a figure in black coming steadily towards her side . The man had his back against the light, so she could not see his face clearly . However, that person’s powerful aura impressed her . His momentum alone had surpassed her imperial elder brother . It was no wonder that this person would be listed as the head among all crowns princes of the Eight Supreme Empires .

“Third Princess, this is our Lord . ” Yang Yong introduced him and then stepped aside .

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The Third Princess saw clearly the person who had come to her seat . With just a glimpse, her heart palpitated violently . She was nervous, expectant, joyful and tense all in one swoop . She fell into the enemy’s hands with just one look .

She saw a handsome and resolute-looking man . His suave feature was well-defined as if it was moulded by god . With his pair of deep black eyes that seemed to suck one into a bottomless abyss was imposing and domineering . His lips below his tall nose were slightly pursed, all of which attracted her gaze .

In particular, he wore a black robe embroidered with dark cloud patterns and a jade belt around his waist . He exuded a fierce and reserved regal bearing, coupled with a temperament which was not inferior to her Imperial Father’s . Her heart was stirred .

It was no wonder that this man was listed as the top amongst the Crown Princes of the Eight Supreme Empires . His excellence was superior to everyone else . No matter what it was, he was incomparable to others . In the past, she thought that her elder Imperial Brother was already a very outstanding person, but today, as soon as she saw him, Xuanyuan Mo Ze, she knew that this was the definition of a real man!

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She wondered how there was such an excellent man in the world . All the best that heaven had to offer was on him . Majestically domineering, incomparably magnificent, dazzling as the stars in the highest heavens . People couldn’t help lay prostrate at his feet to worship him .

Feng Jiu, who came in after him, saw that the Third Princess was staring at Xuanyuan Mo Ze with an infatuated face . She curled her lips and glanced at the man who was sitting there expressionlessly .

Sure enough, this man’s face brought calamity to women . Why was this big man so good-looking? This woman was mesmerized by the sight .

After a long while, seeing the starry-eyed princess had not yet recovered, she coughed and said loudly, “Third Princess, this is my Lord . ”

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Several people in the hall were taken by surprise .

Xuanyuan Mo Ze looked up slightly and glanced at her . A smile crossed his deep black eyes . Yang Yong’s face was originally wreathed with a gentle and polite smile . When he heard this, the smile on his face deepened .

Being unexpectedly called out like this, the Third Princess was frightened . Her delicate body trembled, and she hurriedly regained her mind . After settling down, she took a look at the servant boy walking towards Xuanyuan Mo Ze and recognized that he was the person from yesterday .

Her eyebrows were knitted slightly . She didn’t say anything but returned to her usual elegant and charming posture . She stepped forward, slightly bent her knee to salute, and greeted with a gentle and coquettish voice, “Yingxue has seen Crown Prince Xuanyuan . ”

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